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xv Acknowledgments Jane Holden Kelley It was my privilege to help direct the Proyecto Arqueológico Chihuahua (PAC) from its beginning in 1999; this publication is the PAC’s final formal contribution. The project began when I was part of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Calgary and continued after my retirement and appointment as Professor Emerita. From 1990 to 2000, Joe Stewart of Lake­ head University codirected the project. In 2005, Richard Garvin of the University of British Columbia at Okanagan took over as codirector. All three universities supported our efforts. Even so, the project could not have happened without the funding provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The PAC’s work in Mexico was made possible by permits issued by the Consejo de Arqueología, Instituto Nacional de Antropología (INAH). We also appreciated the support of ­INAH’s regional office in Chihuahua and regional staff members, including Alberto Peña, Rafael Cruz Antillón, Eduardo Gamboa, Eduardo Guevara Sánchez, Francisco Mendiola Galván, José Luis Perea, Lourdez Perez, Juana de la Cruz Reza Ruiz, Elsa Rodriguez, and Francisco M. Zuñiga. At times, their support extended to taking part in fieldwork. Local permissions came from the authorities at Colonia Esmeralda, Ejido Cerro Pelón, Cuauhtémoc, Ejido Cuitlahuac, Ejido Francisco Sarabia, Ejido Santa Clara, Ejido Santa Rosa, Gomez Farías, Colonia Independencia, Las Varas, Namiquipa, Nicolás Bravo, Colonia Santa Clara, Ejido Santa Rosa, Ejido Seis de Enero, and Colonia Oscar Soto Maynez. An archaeological project entering an almost unknown area depends on residents who steer project staff to sites, share local knowledge of the area, allow excavations to proceed where crops are planted or planned, and help in countless other ways. For the PAC these ­ residents included Lolita Aguilar (El Terrero), José and Luis Alarcón (Independencia), Manuel Alderete and his ­ family (San Gerónimo, Oscar Soto Maynez, and Chihuahua), Olga Alderete (Oscar Soto Maynez), Enrique Arias (San Gerónimo and Chihuahua), José Barragón (Buenavista), Arturo and Ricardo Caraveo (­ Independencia), Catarino and Alicia Calderón (Oscar Soto Maynez), Padre Daniel Camilo (Anahuac), José David Carrasco (Oscar Soto Maynez), Álvaro Chavez (El Terrero), Sixto and Hector Chavez (Oscar Soto Maynez), Javier Cisneros and his family (Oscar Soto Maynez), Manuel Cisneros and his family (Oscar Soto Maynez), Gilberto Fierro (Independencia), Baltasar García (El Terrero), Luis García Castello, Manuel García (Las Varas), Armando Gutierrez (El Molino), Efrem and Raul Ibuado (Ejido Francisco Sarabia ), Essio Jacques (Colonia Santa Clara), Padre Joscelos (Oscar Soto Maynez), José Leal Estrada (Teseachic and Independencia), Pedro Lopez y Lopez (Cuauhtémoc), Mauro Loya (El Terrero), Rodolfo Loya (El Terrero), Pedro Loya y Loya (Oscar Soto Maynez), Manuel Madrid Chamuscada (El Terrero), Padre Ángel Javier Maiss Manzanares (Namiquipa), Liberrato Maldonado Castillo (Rancho el Alfo), Baltasar García (El Terrero), Nena Medina García (El Terrero), Pablo Ordoñez (Oscar Soto Maynez), Nena and Nieves Palacios (Cuitlahuac), Azucena Quintana de Varelas (Oscar Soto Maynez), Alicia Rodriguez Leyba (El Terrero), Grifildo Robles (Gomez Farías), Daniel Salazar Quintana (Namiquipa), xvi Acknowledgments Salvador Sotelo (El Molino), Adrian ­Valenzuela and his family (Oscar Soto Maynez), Berta­ Varela and Victor Varela (El Molino), and Guadalupe Weckman (El Terrero). Above all I wish to acknowledge Luis Regalado Arias and his wife, Eva Aguilar de ­Regalado, of Cuitlahuac. To outward appearances a modestly successful farmer, Luis had an active intellect (keeping an encyclopedia in his home, for example) and was a lodestar for the project in its early days. Besides epitomizing the support given to the project by so many residents of the PAC study area, he became a friend and inspiration . We dedicate this volume to his memory. Students involved in the fieldwork, field lab, or subsequent efforts included Sylvia Abonyi, Diego Bernabé Barbosa Arredondo, Katrina Beck, Laurie Beckwith, Anne Brethauer, Karen Burd, Jason Bush, Dan Butler, Tanya Chiykow­ ski, Jerimy Cunningham, Richard Garvin, Paul­ ine de Grandpré, Joe Desjardin, Anne Marie Duma, Deborah Fergusson, Metaxia Georgopoulis , Colleen Haukus, Hugh Gibbins, David Hart, Mitchel Hendrickson, Warren Hill, Ross Jamieson, Megan Kelley, Tico Kelley, Charles Knight, Dominic Lacroix, Kurtis Lesick, Itzel López Carranco, A. C. MacWilliams, Jamie MacPherson, Loy C. Neff, Ulises Nuñez García, Dan Odell, Marco Ortega, Veronica Pacheco, Darlene Ricketts, Jeanette Smith, Citlalli Guadalupe Velázque Badillo, Victoria de Lourdes Ventura Donjuan, Sharon Viera, Matthew Wall, Monica Webster, Judy Wheeler, David Wilcox, Cathy Williams, Laura York, Danny Zborover, and Michael Zywina. A number of professionals also...


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