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vii Contents List of Figures ix List of Tables xi Preface xiii Acknowledgments xv 1. Introduction to the Proyecto Arqueológico Chihuahua 1 Jane Holden Kelley 2. The Setting 12 Richard D. Garvin and Jane Holden Kelley 3. The Viejo Period 29 Jane Holden Kelley 4. Medio Period Sites in the Southern Zone 54 Jane Holden Kelley and David A. Phillips Jr. 5. Ancient Plant Use in West-­ Central Chihuahua 81 Karen R. Adams 6. Pottery Studies 99 Jane Holden Kelley and Karin Burd Larkin 7. Geochemistry and Provenance of Archaeological Ceramics from West-­ Central Chihuahua, Mexico 120 Philip W. Fralick, Pete Hollings, and Joe D. Stewart 8. Central Chihuahua and the Southern Limits of the Casas Grandes Culture Area 143 A.C. MacWilliams 9. The Villa Ahumada Region 153 Rafael Cruz Antillón and Timothy D. Maxwell 10. Thoughts on the Southern Zone 166 Jane Holden Kelley, Joe D. Stewart, Richard D. Garvin, and David A. Phillips Jr. 11. How Paquimé Went from Trading Center to Shrine 176 Jane Holden Kelley References 193 Contributors 219 Index 221 ...


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