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235 acknowledgments Writing this book took a community of scholars from around the world. It could never have happened without His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who challenged us to create the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative, and Geshe Lobsang Negi, the human and spiritual link between Tibetan Buddhism and Emory University, a former monk, a college professor, and a dear friend who is an inspiration to many. This book was itself reincarnated several times before seeing the full light of day. Amy Benson Brown was one of the first to believe; Michael Fisher, with one phone call, brought the book back to life the first time; Wendell Wallach, who based on a chance (or karmic) meeting put us in contact with Andrew Stuart, who together with Paul Starobin, catalyzed another incarnation . David Westmoreland, as always, provided wisdom and humor. Tim Harrison, a wise and kind friend, read countless drafts and was a calm and enlightening critic and conversation partner. Lisa Hoveland Eisen was and is a constant light. The love and insight and genes of Jackie and Gene Eisen lift us up. We thank the dozens of professors from Emory and around the world who volunteered their time to teach the monks and nuns. Stephen Hull’s deft touch and insight energized and sharpened our work. Konchok gives special and deep thanks to the abbot of his monastery, His Holiness Lungtok Tenpai Nyima, the Thirty-​ Third Menri Trizin. And finally, the students: monks, nuns, Emory undergraduates, who all keep us thinking and inspire boundless hope for the future. ...


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