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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am indebted to David Elliott and especially Merle Pribbenow for assistance in my research. Sophie Quinn-Judge, Rod Andrew, and my students Andrew Gehrt and Christopher Rodgers provided useful bits of information . John Prados and David Anderson read the manuscript and gave valuable advice. My work would of course have been impossible without the generous assistance of librarians and archivists at Clemson University, the National Archives, the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library, the US Army’s Center of Military History and Military History Institute, the University of Michigan, the Briscoe Center at the University of Texas, and Harvard University (particularly the Harvard-Yenching Library). I am grateful to Texas Tech University for putting huge quantities of documents online in its Virtual Vietnam Archive. I read Ngo Vinh Long’s essay “The Tet Offensive and Its Aftermath”1 long ago; I was no longer thinking of it when I began writing this book. But I doubt that the similarity between some of my ideas and some of Long’s could be pure coincidence. I must thank three former intelligence officers, Gains Hawkins, George Allen, and most of all Sam Adams. My personal contacts with them were brief, but the record they left of their work was of huge importance. I thank Taylor & Francis for permission to incorporate in this book material from my article “The Myths of the Tet Offensive.”2 ...


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