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ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE TEXT ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam CAS Euphemism for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) CIA Central Intelligence Agency CICV Combined Intelligence Center, Vietnam CIIB Command Information and Intelligence Briefing CIIC Command Information and Intelligence Conference CINCPAC Commander in Chief, Pacific CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff COSVN Central Office for South Vietnam CTZ Corps Tactical Zone DCI Director of Central Intelligence DIA Defense Intelligence Agency DMZ Demilitarized Zone DoD Department of Defense DRV Democratic Republic of Vietnam GVN Government of Vietnam (South Vietnam) HES Hamlet Evaluation System JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff KIA Killed in Action MACV Military Assistance Command, Vietnam NIE National Intelligence Estimate NSA National Security Agency NSC National Security Council NVA North Vietnamese Army (also called PAVN) OB Order of Battle ONE Office of National Estimates PAVN People’s Army of Vietnam (also called NVA) PERINTREP Periodic Intelligence Report PLAF People’s Liberation Armed Forces (Viet Cong) RVN Republic of Vietnam x ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE TEXT RVNAF Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces SD Self-Defense militia SI Special Intelligence SIGINT Signals Intelligence SNIE Special National Intelligence Estimate SSD Secret Self-Defense militia US United States VC Viet Cong WIEU Weekly Intelligence Estimate Update ...


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