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Contents Preface vii Contributors ix 1. Keynote: The Myth of “Splendid Isolation” 1 Michael Aung-Thwin 2. Analysis of Construction Technologies in Pyu Cities and Bagan 15 Kyaw Lat 3. Khraung-kaik Pitaka-taik: 16th-Century Repositories for Buddhist Scriptures in Mrauk-U 41 Mya Oo 4. Religious Symbols as Decorations on the Sikhara of Ancient Monuments in the Late Bagan Period 57 Pyiet Phyo Kyaw 5. The Viṣṇu on Garuḍa from the Nat Hlaung Kyaung Temple, Bagan 66 Olga Deshpande and Pamela Gutman 6. A Thousand Years before Bagan: Radiocarbon Dates and Myanmar’s Ancient Pyu Cities 88 Bob Hudson 7. Ta Mok Shwe-Gu-Gyi Temple Kyaukse and Bagan 122 Elizabeth Howard Moore and Win Maung (Tampawaddy) 17-J02381 00 Bagan and the World.indd 5 9/10/17 8:39 AM 8. Silver Links! Bagan–Bengal and Shadowy Metal Corridors: 9th to 13th Centuries 153 Rila Mukherjee 9. Positioning Bagan in the Buddhist Ecumene: Myanmar’s Trans-Polity Connections 179 Goh Geok Yian 10. Orthogeneity, Settlement Patterns and Earthenware Pottery Distribution in Bagan 198 John N. Miksic Index 221 vi Contents 17-J02381 00 Bagan and the World.indd 6 9/10/17 8:39 AM ...


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