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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS P+++++++p I gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities , Florida State University, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, and the Virtual Center for Spatial Humanities. Thanks to Molly Reed for assistance organizing gatherings of the Working Group on Religion and Space in the Atlantic World, Shawntel Ensminger for editing assistance, and John Crow for drawing maps. It has been a pleasure to work with Jim Denton and Linda Fogle at the University of South Carolina Press and an honor to have this book included in the press’s Atlantic World list. David Bodenhamer and Trevor Harris , as always, offered invaluable criticisms and suggestions from the beginning. I thank three anonymous readers, whose critically astute, detailed suggestions helped me improve the introduction and guided other contributors in their revisions . I also thank Edward Blum, Bret Carroll, Yvonne Chireau, Edward Gray, Paul Harvey, Sylvester Johnson, Tracy Leavelle, Darrin McMahon, and Amanda Porterfield for their readings of parts of the manuscript and/or their conversation in helping me think through an assortment of issues addressed in this book. ...