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CONTENTS P+++++++p Acknowledgments vii Introduction 1 PART ONE: MAPS A Sea of Texts: The Atlantic World, Spatial Mapping, and Equiano’s Narrative Elizabeth Maddock Dillon 25 Clerics, Cartographers, and Kings: Mapping Power in the French Atlantic World, 1608–1752 George Edward Milne 55 Mapping Urban Religion in an Atlantic Port Kyle B. Roberts 76 PART TWO: DISTANCE Missionary Time and Space: The Atlantic World in the Early Modern Age Luca Codignola 97 Religious Community and Cross-Religious Communication beyond the Atlantic World: The Lost Tribes in the Americas and Mecca Brandon Marriott 116 The Religious Spaces of American Whaling Richard J. Callahan, Jr. 133 vi Contents PART THREE: DESIGN Spatial Hegemony and Evangelization: A Network-Based View of an Early Franciscan Doctrinal Settlement in Highland Peru Steven A. Wernke and Lauren E. Kohut 155 Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make: French America’s Cosmopolitan Cloisters Jan Noel 180 Configuring and Reconfiguring Cathedral Space in the Spanish Atlantic: From Cathedral-Mosque to Baroque Machine Sing D’Arcy 201 PART FOUR: IDENTITIES Emigration, Transatlantic Communication, and Methodist Identity in Nineteenth-Century Ontario and Québec Todd Webb 229 Confessional Spaces and Religious Places: Lutherans in America, 1698–1748 Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe 246 Confessional Spatiality in the Puritan Atlantic Heather Miyano Kopelson 267 Notes 285 Contributors 361 Index 365 ...


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