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APPENDIX TWO Compositions,Arrangements and Commissions for Steelpan (current as of 2013) ARRANGEMENTS BY AL O’CONNOR FOR STEELBAND (AN INCOMPLETE LIST) “Afternoon Tears,” 1986 “Adagio” (Barber), 1990/1991 “All My Trials,” 1992/93 “All Night Long” “Anna” Appalachian Spring (Copland), 1987/88 “Aria” from Suite No. 3 in D (Bach), 1977, recorded by the NIU Steelband, 1977 “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” 1990/91 “Beatles Medley,” 1974, recorded by the NIU Steelband, 1977 “Birdland,” 1978 “Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” Brandenberg Concerto No. 3, 1st Mvt., 1979, rev. 1986 “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” 1982, revised 1980 “Brute Force,” 1978 “Calypso Music” (David Rudder), 1987/88, arranged for Ed Soph “Canon for Strings,” 1983 “Changes,” 1987 “Children’s Medley,” 1977, recorded by the NIU Steelband, 1977 “Coka Yoka,” 1976 “Conga,” 1986 “The Death of Ase,” (Edvard Grieg) A ppendix T wo 132 “Disco Medley,” 1975, recorded by the NIU Steelband, 1977 “Don’t Back Back” (Sparrow), 1985 “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Gamble/Huff), 1979 “Evergreen,” 1980 “Everybody Loves Saturday Night,” 1973, recorded by the University of Illinois Steelband, 1981 “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven” “Fantasy,” 1978 Finale from Symphony No. 5 (Shostakovich), 1989/90 “Fire Fire” (Calypso Rose) 1973 “Fret Not Thyself,” 1984 “Good Neighbors All,” 1981 “Guitars and Tiki Bars” “Happy Wanderer,” 1973, recorded by the NIU Steelband, 1977 “Hello Africa/Africa,” 1982 “I Just Called to Say I Love You” (Stevie Wonder) “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (Edvard Grieg), 1992/93 “Is This Love,” 1978, rev. 1992/93 “Jesus Christ Superstar,” 1977, recorded by the NIU Steelband, 1977 “Jovial Jasper,” 1983 “Joy,” 1985 “J’taime” “Late in the Evening” “Magogany,” 1976 “Malaguena,” 1979 “Marijuana”, 1975, recorded by the NIU Steelband, 1977 “Mas in Madison Square Garden,” 1981 “Mas in May” (Kitchener), recorded by the University of Akron Steelband, 1977 “Me and Julio” “Morning Stretch,” 1984 Overture to Carmen (Bizet), 1977, rev. 1986 Overture to Egmont (Beethoven), 1992/93 “Pan on the Run” (Holman), 1983 “Pan Rising,” 1987 “Party Time,” 1987 “The Peace Carol,” 1979 The Pines of Rome (Ottorino Respighi), 2003 “Please Don’t Leave Me This Way,” 1979, rev 1985 “Power,” 1985 “Sabre Dance” (Khatchaturian), 1977 “Sand,” 1986 “Scarlet Begonias” “Settle Me Down” “Sinking Ship” (Gypsy), 1987/88, rev 1988/89, arranged for drummer Ed Soph “Sir Duke,” 1976 “So Bad,” 1984 “Soca Medley,” 1983 “Soul Chick,” 1980 “Stir It Up,” 1984 “The Strayaway Child” (Michael Gorman), 1985 133 A ppendix T wo “Sunset,” 1987 “Sweet Mary in the Morning” Symphony No. 5, Mvt. 4 (Shostakovich), ? “Tempo” “Three Little Birds,” 1992/93 “Too Young to Soca,” 1987 “Tropical Allusions” (Andy Narell), 1985 “Try Jah Love,” 1985 Water Music (Handel), 1980, 1997 “Under the Sea,” 1992/93 “Walk and Don’t Look Back,” 1978 “Way of the World,” 1978 “When the Sun Goes Down” “Where the Boat Leaves From” “Mother and Child Reunion,” 1978 Compositions by Cliff Alexis for Steelpan “Confusion Reggae,” 2002 “It Is” “Keep Yuh Focus” (Sweet T n T), 2007 “Keth It” “Luv It” “Pan Is It,” 1997 “Pan 2000,” Pan Press, 2000 “Plenty Pan,” 1998 “Summer Song,” Pan Press “Tell Me” “What If,” 2005 Arrangements by Cliff Alexis for Steelpan “As” (Stevie Wonder), c. 2010 “The Battle is the Lord’s” (Yolanda Adams), 2006 “Cantei Pra Distrair/Cade Ioio” (I Sung to Pass Time/Ioio’s Wish) (Tio Helio/Cesar Venono), 2006 “Canto Meier” (The Song of Songs) (Cruz/Sombrinha/Portela) “Chega de Saudade” (No More Blues) (Antonio Jobim), c. 2009 “Colours” (Lincoln“Fats”Waldron,Alvin Daniel) 2002 “Good Times” (Mark Loquan), 2006 “I Can’t Wait Another Minute” (High Five), 1998 “I Wish” (Stevie Wonder), c. 2009 “If I Ain’t Got You” (Alicia Keys), 2005 “Magic Drum” (Sharpe), c. 2009 “Mind Your Business” (Len“Boosie” Sharpe), 1997 “Miracle” (L.A. Reid & Babyface), 1993 “Misbehave” (Len“Boosie” Sharpe), 1997 “Miss You Like Crazy” (Masser, Goffin & Glass), 2002 “Music For the Soul” (Hollis Wright), c. 2004 “Music in We Blood” (Len“Boosie” Sharpe), c. 2004 A ppendix T wo 134 “Mystery Band” (Lord Kitchener), 1993 “Pan History” (Orville Wright), 2005 “Pandora” (De Fosto), c. 2004 “The Path” (Ralph MacDonald), 2006 “Push My Pan” (Roger Boothman,Alvin Daniel), 2002 “Rock Yuh, Pan Man” (Ray Holman), 1986 “Ruction” (Jason“Peanuts” Isaac/Ingrid DePeiza), 2011 “Savannah Party” (David Rudder), 1993 “Setembro” (Gilson Peranzetta And Ivan Lins), 2003 “Ten Commandments of Pan” (Jason“Peanut” Isaac), 2008 “Tudo e Festa” (Sereno/Mario Sergio), 2005 “War 2004” (De Fosto), 2005 “We...


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