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{ 125 } Iam very grateful to many people of the valley and shore, who have made observations and gave advice freely, particularly Ronald Blythe and John Rix in the valley, and those who narrated the land as they walked, including Rob Macfarlane, Chris Pretty, Ken Worpole, Brian and Toni Dawson. I am particularly grateful to the following for reading and commenting on earlier drafts of this almanac: Glenn Albrecht, Simon Amstutz, James Canton, Dave Charleston, Paul Ellis, Jenny Harpur , Kitty Liu, Susan Oliver, Gwen Roland, Julian Roughton, Ken Worpole. Others offered welcome encouragements: special thanks to Liz Calder, Jay Griffiths, Rachel Lichtenstein, Richard Mabey, Andy May. Three anonymous reviewers for Cornell University Press offered wise advice, and Kitty Liu steered the book to completion with a steady hand and wonderful insight. I am especially grateful to philosopher Glenn Albrecht for his vision on structure and form. Many other helpful observations on related or earlier work have been made on social media platforms: to all, many thanks. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ...


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