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viii Abbreviations ACAV armored cavalry assault vehicle AO area of operations APC Accelerated Pacification Campaign ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam AWOL absent without leave BAT Brigade Advisor Team CAP Combined Action Platoon (program) CIA Central Intelligence Agency CICV Combined Intelligence Center—Vietnam CIDG Civilian Irregular Defense Group COIN counterinsurgency CORDS Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support COSVN Central Office for South Vietnam, Vietnamese Workers’ (Communist) Party DIOCC District Intelligence and Operations Coordination Center DSA district senior advisor FDC Fire Direction Center FSB Fire Support Base FSSB Fire Support Surveillance Base FWMAF Free World Military Assistance Forces GVN government of (South) Vietnam H&I harassing and interdicting HES Hamlet Evaluation System ICEX Intelligence Coordination and Exploitation (program) I FFV I Field Force Vietnam IPW prisoner of war interrogation ISIL Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant KIA killed in action KIT Key Inter-Team LTTT Land-to-the-Tiller (program) LZ landing zone MACV Military Assistance Command—Vietnam MAT Mobile Advisory Team Abbreviations ix MSF Mobile Strike Force NCO noncommissioned officer NLF National Liberation Front NPFF National Police Field Force NVA North Vietnamese Army OSA Office of Systems Analysis PAAS Pacification Attitude Analysis System PAVN People’s Army of Vietnam PF Popular Forces PIOCC Province Intelligence and Operations Coordination Center POW prisoner of war PRG Provisional Revolutionary Government PRU Provincial Reconnaissance Unit PSA province senior advisor PSB Police Special Branch PSC Province Security Committee PSDF People’s Self-Defense Force PSG Pacification Studies Group RD revolutionary development (US) or rural development (GVN) RF Regional Forces ROK Republic of Korea ROTC Reserve Officers’ Training Corps RTV Return-to-Village RVN Republic of Vietnam RVNAF Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization STAG Security Training Assistance Group USMC United States Marine Corps VC Vietcong VCI Vietcong Infrastructure VIP Voluntary Informant Program VIS Vietnamese Information Service VSD Village Self-Development VSSG Vietnam Special Studies Group Tonle Sap GULF OF THAILAND S O U T H C H I N A S E A S O U T H C H I N A S E A QUANGTRI THUATHIEN Hue Da Nang QUANG NAM QUANGTIN QUANG NGAI KONTUM BINH DINH PLEIKU PHU BON DARLAC KHANH HOA QUANG DUC TUYEN DUC Cam Ranh Da Lat LAM DONG PHUOC LONG BINH LONG TA Y NINH BINH DUONG LONG KHANH BIEN HOA SAIGON VungT au BINH TUY PHUOCTUY HAU NGHIA LONG AN KIENTUONG KIEN PHONG DINHTUONG GO CONG KIEN HOA GIA DINH BINHTHUAN NINH THUAN PHUYEN VINH BINH VINH LONG SA DEC CHAU DOC AN GIANG PHONG DINH BA XUYEN BAC LIEU AN XUYEN CHUONG THIEN KIEN GIANG III CTZ IV CTZ I CTZ II CTZ L A O S T H A I L A N D C A M B O D I A S O U T H V I E T N A M NORTH VIETNAM DEMARCATION LINE 1966–1967 SOUTH VIETNAM Corps T actical Zone Boundary Administrative Boundary Autonomous Municipality Hue 0 0 150 150 Kilometers Miles ...


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