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vii Acknowledgments I would like to extend my thanks to all the archivists, veterans, and historians who rendered invaluable assistance to my research over the years. In particular , I would like to thank Richard Boylan (no relation) and Cary Conn at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, and the staff of the US Military History Institute in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I am also deeply indebted to Dr. Andrew Birtle, chief of the Military Operations Branch at the US Army Center of Military History in Washington, DC, for his hospitality and assistance. Timothy Mazurek also deserves my sincerest thanks for patiently processing my many requests for the images and maps that have added so much to this study. I would also like to thank General John W. Barnes (US Army–retired), General Lu Mong Lan (ex–Army of the Republic of Vietnam), both now decesed, Colonel John Waghelstein (US Army–retired), and Colonel Donald Bletz (US Army–retired) for allowing me to interview them. I must also express my appreciation to Michael Cunningham for sharing photos from his father’s personal album and graciously granting permission for them to be reprinted here. I am also indebted to the late Dr. Russell Weigley for the invaluable advice, encouragement, and support he gave me in the earliest stages of this project. I would like to extend special thanks to Tara Neal for producing the excellent maps included in this book on short notice. Finally, I must thank my wife, Leslie, for the generous support and encouragement she gave me throughout this project. ...


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