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Appendix Personalities Ali Ahmeti Albanian insurgent leader of the National Liberation Army in Macedonia, 2001 Martti Ahtisaari Former president of Finland; special envoy of the UN secretary-general on the future status of Kosovo, 2005–2008 Yasushi Akashi Senior UN envoy to the former Yugoslavia, 1993–1995 Sergei F. Akhromeyev Marshall of the Soviet army; military adviser to Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev; former chief of the Soviet General Staff Madeleine Albright US secretary of state, 1997–2001 Kofi Annan UN secretary-general, 1997–2006 Louise Arbour Canadian lawyer; chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, 1996–1999 Jeremy J. D. “Paddy” British political leader; high representative in Ashdown Bosnia, 2002–2006 Leslie “Les” Aspin US secretary of defense, 1994–1995 Robert Badinter Prominent French legal expert; adviser to the Macedonian government James A. Baker III US secretary of state, 1989–1992 Arnaud Barthelemy French diplomat, member of the EU negotiating team in Macedonia, 2001 Samuel R. “Sandy” US deputy national security adviser to the Berger president, 1993–1997; national security adviser, 1997–2001 Carl Bildt EU envoy on Bosnia; high representative in Bosnia, 1995–1997 350 Appendix Jacques Blot French political director and member of the Contact Group, 1995 Major General (ret.) chief of Military Professional Resources William M. Boice Incorporated activities in Bosnia, 1996–1997 Hassan al Bolkiah Sultan of Brunei, 1967–present Ljube Boskovski Minister of interior, government of Macedonia, 2001–2002 Alexander Russian diplomat; member of the Contact Group, Botsan-Kharchenko 2005–2008 Vlado Buchkovski Minister of defense, government of Macedonia, 2001 Zivko Budimir Major general, Croatian army, 1995; colonel- general, Armed Forces of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1996–2001 Bojan Bugarcic Foreign-policy adviser to Slobodan Milosevic, 1999 Aleksi Buha Bosnian Serb foreign minister, 1995 R. Nicholas Burns Spokesman, US State Department, 1995; undersecretary for political affairs, State Department, 2005–2008 George W. Bush President of the United States, 2001–2009 Shaun Byrnes Chief, US Diplomatic Observer Mission, Kosovo, 1998–1999 Agim Ceku General, Kosovo Liberation Army, 1998–1999; chief, Kosovo Protection Force, 1999–2006; prime minister of Kosovo, 2006–2008 Hasan Cengic Bosnian Muslim cominister of defense, Armed Forces of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1996 Branko Cervenkovski Leader of the Socialist Democratic Union of Macedonia, 2001 Viktor Chernomyrdin Prime minister of Russia, 1998; Russian negotiator on Kosovo, 1999 Jacques Chirac President of France, 1995–2007 Warren Christopher US secretary of state, 1993–1997 General Wesley K. Clark Holbrooke negotiating team member; J-5 (Strategic Plans and Policy) of the Joint Staff, 1995; supreme Allied commander Europe, 1997–2000 Personalities 351 Robin Cleveland Associate director, US Office of Management and Budget, 2001-2005 William J. Clinton President of the United States, 1993–2001 William Cohen US secretary of defense, 1997–2001 General Rasim Delic Chief of Staff, Army of the Republic of Bosnia- Herzegovinia, 1993–1996; commander, Armed Forces of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1996–2000 Christopher Dell US chief of mission in Kosovo, 2000–2001; US ambassador to Kosovo, 2009–2012 John Deutch Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, 1995–1997 Rosemary DiCarlo Deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Canadian affairs and US representative to the Contact Group, 2005–2008 Mark Dickinson British ambassador to Macedonia, 2001 Axel Dittman German diplomat, member of the EU negotiating team in Macedonia, 2001 Zoran Djindjic Prime minister of Serbia, 2001–2003; assassinated 2003 James F. Dobbins US special adviser to the president and secretary of state on the Balkans, 1999–2001 Colonel S. Nelson Drew US Air Force, original Holbrooke team member; member of the National Security Council Staff, 1995 Lieutenant General Commander, Fifth Corps of the Army of the  Atif Dudakovic Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1991–1995; commander, Armed Forces of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1998 Kai Eide Norwegian diplomat; special envoy of the UN secretary-general, 2005 Michael Einik US ambassador to Macedonia, 1999–2002 Douglas J. Feith American attorney, assisted Richard Perle in advising the Bosnians on the Train and Equip Program; undersecretary of defense for policy, 2001–2005 Pieter Feith Dutch diplomat, deputy assistant secretary- general of NATO for operations and NATO negotiator in Kosovo, 2001 352 Appendix Charles “Chuck” Chief of public affairs, interagency Train and Franklin Equip Task Force, 1996–1997 Robert C. Frasure Deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Canadian affairs; original Holbrooke negotiating team member Robert Frowick Representative of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in the negotiations in Macedonia, 2001 Peter Galbraith US ambassador...


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