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Abbreviations ABiH Army of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Armija Republike Bosne i Hercegovine) ASI Acquisition Support Institute CJCS chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff DOD US Department of Defense DPA Democratic Party for Albanians (Demokratska Partija na Albancite) EU European Union FRY Federal Republic of Yugoslavia HVO Croatian Army in Bosnia (Hrvatsko Vijece Obrane) ICTY International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia IFOR Implementation Force in Bosnia KDOM US Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission KFOR Kosovo Force KLA Kosovo Liberation Army KPC Kosovo Protection Corps KVM Kosovo Verification Mission LDK Democratic League of Kosovo (Lidhja Demokratike e Kosoves) MPRI Military Professional Resources Incorporated MTA military-technical agreement MUP Special Ministry of Interior Police (Ministarstvo Unutrasnjih Poslova), Yugoslavia NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NLA National Liberation Army NSC US National Security Council OSCE Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe PDP Party for Democratic Prosperity (Partija z Demokratski Prosperitet) xii Abbreviations SACEUR supreme Allied commander Europe SDSM Socialist Democratic Union of Macedonia (Socijaldemokratski Sojuz na Makedonija) SFOR Stabilization Force in Bosnia SRSG special representative of the UN secretary general in Kosovo T&E Program US Train and Equip Program for Bosnia UAE United Arab Emirates UN United Nations UNMIK United Nations Mission in Kosovo UNPROFOR United Nations Protection Force in Bosnia UNSCR United Nations Security Council resolution VJ Armed Forces of the Republic of Yugoslavia (Vojska Jugoslavije) VMRO-DPMNE Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization–Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (Vatreshna Makedonska- Revolutsionerna Organizatsiya–Demokratska Partija za Makedonsko Nacionalno Edinstvo) ...


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