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Contents At Home on Prairie Earth 1 Clarion Call 7 A Creek Called Walks in the Night 11 Dancing Up a Prairie Sunrise 15 Save the Last Dance 18 Ferns Prone to Take a Stroll 22 Renewal at a Slow Burn 26 A Song of Wind and Changing Seasons 30 A Time of Frogs, Toads, and Tiny Flowers 35 Night of the Banshees 39 Ghostly Bird Dreams on Melancholy Mornings 44 Daffodils 49 Notes from the Konza Country 52 The Grassland Legacy of J. E. Weaver 56 Floods Mark the Beginnings of Prairie Earth 60 Fuel for a Fiery Green Engine 63 Spring’s First Warm Rain 68 Tugging at the Crow’s Tail 73 Blackberry Winter 79 Cicada Spring 84 Meandering along with a Prairie Stream 87 Floating into Summer 92 Judge Not the Brown-headed Cowbird 97 A Tallgrass Summer Solstice 101 The Curious Life of the Tumblebug 108 Searching for a Prairie Queen 112 Of Morning Haze and Lotus Flowers 117 Dog-day Homicide 123 A Few Thoughts about Aesop’s Favorite Loafer 127 A Season Spun in Gold 132 Butterfly Summer 137 The Mostly Misunderstood Copperhead 144 An Osage Thoreau 148 Poet of the Prairie 153 Gone in November 158 Prairie Giants 163 On the Wings of Eagles 168 Pastures of Plenty 174 The Ghost Springs of Sycamore Creek 180 References 187 Heart Stays Country ...


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