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n endeavor such as this begins with a great deal of hope, continues with an enormous amount of work, and ends with a large measure of appreciation for all the assistance provided along the way. Thus, there are numerous people who contributed to this effort and it is essential to properly thank them. Of all of the marvelous individuals who gave advice and guidance , none deserves recognition more than Becky Schroeder, general editor of the Missouri Heritage Readers Series. This is my second collaboration with her, and I am more in awe than ever of her knowledge of all things literary, her grammar skills, and most of all her personal patience, which is calming and soothing to a writer who at times is overwhelmed. Becky is so very good at what she does: helping turn preliminary manuscripts into completed books that are readable. She is a treasure and as proud as I am to have her as my editor, I cherish our friendship even more. There is another person in the Schroeder household I must thank—Becky’s husband, Dolf. Each and every time I called Becky and Dolf answered the phone, he greeted me with a warm response and made my intrusion seem welcome, which I so appreciated. I would especially like to thank Dr. Lawrence O. Christensen, professor emeritus at the University of Missouri–Rolla, for his contributions to this work. This was my third time working with Dr. Christensen, and each time it has been a delight. As in the past, his ideas were invaluable; his recommendations and suggestions only enhanced the manuscript and made it more complete . I so value all of his input and evaluation; that he would take time to work on this project is an honor. xiii Acknowledgments A Once more Gary Kass was my editor at the University of Missouri Press. His work on behalf of all of the manuscripts he oversees makes them so much better. This is certainly true of this work, and again it was a true pleasure to cooperate with him to bring this project to publication. This book is dedicated to the staff of the James S. Copley Library in La Jolla, California, and it must be stated what an absolutely wonderful place it is to visit and to do research. Not many collections greet a patron with a cup of coffee in the morning ; not many facilities are designed to resemble a personal library; not many provide an environment where the researcher’s needs are always paramount and the staff does everything it can do to fulfill your immediate requests. Without the assistance of Carol Beales, the manager of the library, Ronald Vanderhye, assistant registrar, and Harold Koplke, conservator, it is hard to imagine this book ever being completed. They are professionals in every way. The materials at the Copley on the Frémonts, both primary and secondary, are extraordinary for a small, private facility; this made research there most enjoyable. The staffs at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, in Phoenix, Arizona, were more than helpful in making available the items from their vast collections that were necessary for this project. Their contributions made this book more accurate and complete. Doing research from California was not easy and often I needed to contact people in Missouri for information. I am indebted to those who work at the State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia and the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis. No matter when I phoned or who I talked to, they were always kind, considerate, and helpful—traits that a researcher, especially one doing long-distance investigations, most appreciates. The people at the Western Historical Manuscript Collection–Columbia and the Boone County Historical Society, Columbia, made my initial research easier. When I first started the process of gatherxiv / ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ing information on Jessie Benton Frémont, these individuals offered their guidance and advice, and I am grateful for their support. Closer to home, two librarians at Palomar College in San Marcos, California, deserve special kudos. Anytime I needed a book, a map, or any other item, Denise Brown and Mary Russell were there to help. They made tracking down bits of information so much easier. It was nice to be able to rely upon them. In the end, I must thank my husband, Jeff, who was my “unofficial ” editor, reading chapters and the entire...


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