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ix Acknowledgments Many people had a direct influence on my career in the gar­ bage business, starting with my Uncle Pasquale and the entire Fontana Family, my wife Virginia, her family, Benny Anselmo, Richard Gran­ zella , Dewey Vittori, and many other scavengers I worked with over so many years. No words can ever say how much they have meant to me and to the success I have been able to achieve in my career. Regarding my later years, I must express special gratitude to my former chief financial officer, now president of Recology Inc., Michael Sangiacomo, and his board of directors. They provided me the opportunity to return to my roots, which took hold on a Scavenger truck more than sixty years ago. In doing so, Michael Sangiacomo has provided me the opportunity to continue to participate in the growth of Recology, and be involved in its continuing contributions toward resolving the problems of waste production for the world by way of secondand third- generation advanced technologies. Also, I’d like to especially acknowledge the late Kevin Starr, whose encouragement, support, and guidance made this book possible . My association with Kevin goes back thirty-five years, to when he was a reporter for the San Francisco Progress, and he inter­ viewed me regarding a waste-to-energy project we were proposing . When everyone thought our proposal was off the wall, he endorsed it, demonstrating his ability to cut to the chase, typical of his strong skills in addressing a range of issues, especially ones that were controversial. There are not enough words in this world to express what this gentleman did for me personally—but not just for me—for the City of San Francisco, the State of California and its history, poli­ tics, and religion. In short, its people. Few will ever know, appreciate, or respect Mr. Starr’s contributions the way I have. But I had the opportunity to know him well, which is odd when one considers the vast differences in our personal and intellectual backgrounds. It’s all still a bit of a mystery , but it happened. However it happened, though, Kevin Starr was the one who encouraged me to write this book. I am indeed saddened over his passing, not just because of the loss of a friend, but in cherishing his never-ending contributions to the California literary community. ...


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