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vii Preface There should be no rhyme or reason that anyone would want to write about, let alone share a man’s life in, the “garbage business.” But I have realized that, after sixty years of being inti­ mately involved with it in San Francisco (and other municipalities in Northern Cali­ fornia), where I helped to create one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective solid-waste management programs in the world, my story is in fact worth sharing. However, it is important to note that this waste-management program would not have been possible if not for the efforts and contributions of so many northern Italians who migrated to America in the late 1800s to seek a better life. Garbage is dedicated to those who made that voyage. In this memoir, I have attempted to include the personal story of my good days and my worst possible bad days, in both the garbage business and my personal life. I have learned through personal experience that in order to respect the good things in life, you really need to experience the bad things. So it is important for me to include both. I have attempted to share that philosophy and experience, as well as the 100-year history of the scavengers in San Francisco. I hope you will enjoy, and learn from the experience, just as I have. —Leonard Dominic Stefanelli Leonard Stefanelli, at the Sunset Scavenger Corporate Headquarters, 1980. ...


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