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327 Appendix  Devil-­ Blues Recordings and Selected Sermons, 1924–2015 When I discovered at the beginning of this project that no comprehensive inventory of devil-­ blues recordings existed, I began to compile one. My criterion for inclusion was simple: I wanted original blues recordings (not covers or remakes of those recordings, with a couple of significant exceptions) whose lyrics invoked the devil and/or hell. Often, but not always, the titles of these recordings also mentioned the devil or hell. Using every available search engine (including Google, Amazon, iTunes, the U.S Copyrights Office, and the University of Mississippi library with its Blues Archive, along with Harry’s Blues Lyrics Online and Michael Taft’s concordance/anthology of prewar blues lyrics), I came up with a working song list, then solicited suggestions about what was missing from several friends with a deep knowledge of the recorded archive. Because crossroads mythology has had such a lasting influence on the devil-­blues theme, I included both the original and somewhat different alternate take of Robert Johnson’s “Cross Road Blues,” even though it doesn’t meet my stated criterion. I’ve also included ten recorded sermons; although they don’t belong to the archive in question, they are part of the larger cultural conversation that led black southern Christians to demonize the blues. As such, they can help us make sense of the potent imprecation, “devil’s music,” that has shadowed the blues since the beginning. I’ve included several devil-­ invoking jazz and gospel recordings for the same reason: they illustrate the way in which evangelical disapproval of “fast” urban nightlife was being thematized and sometimes satirized in the realm of popular culture, offering broader context for the devil’s music dispute. The following list of devil-­blues recordings deserves to be called comprehensive , but it is surely not the final word. I trust that discographers and scholars will supplement it, if they’re able to. I am confident that nothing truly essential has been left out—nothing that would fundamentally destabilize the conclusions I have drawn about the lineaments and thematics of the devil-­ blues tradition. This appendix does not include every recording referenced in this study, since some of those recordings—Bert Williams’s “O Death, Where is Thy Sting,” for example, or Little Brother Montgomery’s “The First Time I Met You,” or Robert Johnson’s “From Four Until Late”—weren’t blues, or didn’t invoke the devil, or both. 328 Appendix Year Title Performer Label / Catalog number Running time 1924 “Done Sold My Soul to the Devil” Clara Smith Co 14041-D 2:59 1924 “Mad Mama’s Blues” Josie Miles Ed 51477 3:57 1924 “Thunderstorm Blues” Maggie Jones Co 14050-D 3:01 1925 “The Cat’s Got the Measles” Papa Charlie Jackson Pm 12259 3:03 1925 “Devil Dance Blues” Sippie Wallace OK 8206 3:06 1925 “Rough and Tumble Blues” Ma Rainey Pm 12311 2:53 1926 “Devil and My Brown Blues” Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler) Vo 10 (unissued) 2:57 1927 “Are You Bound for Heaven or Hell?” (sermon) Rev. J. M. Gates OK 8552 3:03 1927 “Black Diamond Express to Hell, Part 1” (sermon) Rev. A. W. Nix Vo 1098 2:54 1927 “Black Diamond Express to Hell, Part 2” (sermon) Rev. A. W. Nix Vo 1098 3:04 1927 “Can’t Be Trusted Blues” Sylvester Weaver OK 8504 3:09 1927 “Devil Blues” Sylvester Weaver OK 8534 3:04 1927 “Devil in a Flying Machine” (sermon) Rev. J. M. Gates OK 8515 3:09 1927 “Devil in the Lion’s Den” Sam Collins Ge 6181 2:44 1927 “Dyin’ by the Hour” Bessie Smith Co 14273-D 2:57 1927 “Hell Is in God’s Jail House” (sermon) Rev. J. M. Gates OK 8547 3:01 1927 “Hellish Rag” Ma Rainey Pm 12612 3:05 1927 “Hell Bound Express Train” (sermon) Rev. J. M. Gates OK 8532 2:59 1927 “Send Me to the ’Lectric Chair” Bessie Smith and Her Blue Boys Co 14209-D 3:23 1928 “Blue Devil Blues” “Texas” Alexander OK 8640 3:24 1928 “Coal Oil Blues” Memphis Jug Band Vi 21278 3:31 1928 “Devil’s Gonna Get You” Bessie Smith Co 14354-D 3:12 1928 “Devilish Blues” Stovepipe Johnson Vo 1203 3:07 Appendix 329 Year Title Performer Label / Catalog number Running time 1928 “Low-­ Down Rounder Blues” Peg Leg Howell Co 14320-D 2:53 1928 “Death Sting Me...


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