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407 Acknowledgments E dited books are team projects that depend upon sprawling networks of collaboration, friendship, and shared labor. To that end, the editors of Imagining China would like to thank a number of people who have made this book possible. At Michigan State University Press, we are grateful for the visionary leadership of Martin Medhurst, who, by founding and overseeing this series, continues to shape the field of communication by shepherding cutting-edge work into press. Julie Loehr continues to be the best editor in chief in the business. We are especially grateful to the anonymous reviewers who pushed this book toward greater clarity and coherence. For her expert help with images, thanks to Annette Tanner; for her relentless copyediting, thanks to Kristine Blakeslee; for her indexing work, thanks to Dawn Martin. The collective life of the mind depends on nonprofit presses thriving—so thanks to MSU Press and everyone who supports it. At the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver), Stephen 408 Acknowledgments Hartnett and Lisa Keränen thank the remarkable team of scholars, administrators, students, and staff who have made such a deep and fun-filled commitment to the internationalization of higher education and the study of globalization. We are grateful for the support and friendship of colleagues Sonja K. Foss, Barbara J. Walkosz, Hamilton “Dou Dou” Bean, Steve Thomas, ej Yoder, and Tony Smith. Our work has enjoyed the support of a series of deans of CU Denver’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, including Daniel Howard, Laura Argys, and Pamela Jansma. Our teaching, research, and travel have been enriched by fantastic students, travel companions, and occasional collaborators Andrew Gilmore, Jeremy Make, Benjamin Nichols, and Bryan Reckard . Our work in China has been facilitated by CU Denver Office of International Affairs allies and friends John Sunnygard, Alana Jones, Jessica Tharp, Carolyn North, Clay Harmon, Joanne Wambeke, and Weijia “Peyton” Wu. We send hugs and wishes for faster Internet service to our International College of Beijing (ICB) superstars Kirsten Lindholm , Jared Woolly, Jeffrey Golub, Dongjing Kang, Fan Zhang, Haoxiang “Edward” Liu (and his lovely parents), Kuan-Yi “Rose” Chang, James Wu, and Chairman Feng Meng, Dean Huang, and Deputy Dean Xu. At ICB, we owe a special debt of gratitude to Patrick Shaou-Whea Dodge, who for the past decade has been a fun-loving cultural ambassador, collaborator , global teacher, and adventurer. We still think he cheated at cards on that overnight train from New Delhi to Dharamsala, but he also brought the beer, so all is forgiven. And finally, we send our love and appreciation to Michelle Médal, the World’s Best Program Assistant, who has done enormous behind-the-scenes work to make our teaching, research, and travel possible. At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Donovan Conley thanks his chair and valued colleague David Henry for allocating department resources—in the form of Professional Development Funds for research faculty—that supported three separate rounds of summer travel, even when there was little early sense of where I was going or what might come from doing so. Thanks also to the dean of the College of Urban Affairs at UNLV, Rob Ulmer, for continuing to champion this broad collaboration. I also wish to thank UNLV for granting a sabbatical leave during the spring of 2014, when I wrote my chapter for the book. Acknowledgments 409 Thanks also to Sara VanderHaagen, who stepped in as interim graduate coordinator while I was on leave, taking on a hefty administrative load far sooner than she ought to have. For her help with the seemingly endless string of bookings, cancellations, rebookings, phone calls, emails, receipt printings, document filings, and general institutional advocacy, I offer a heartfelt thank you to Donna Ralston, our administrative assistant, who in the most literal sense made possible my contributions to the project. A special thank you also goes out to Gabriela Tscholl for her wonderfully efficient work as a research assistant during crucial phases of writing and editing. Finally, to my sweetie and partner in all things, Amy, for cheerleading and being the reason to come home: so many kisses. The chapters collected here were first presented in a series of workshops, preconferences, and panels that the editors organized in 2013, 2014, and 2015 in conjunction with the annual conventions of the National Communication Association (NCA) and the Western States Communication Association (WSCA)—thanks to those organizations for supporting this work and thanks to our authors, who have grown those conference...


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