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APPENDIX Selected Tongan Terms and Proverbs TONGAN TERMS WITH THE ROOT WORD TĀ Word Definition/meaning tā (1) to beat, to mark, to form, to perform, to present; (2) to mark time: time marker, tempo, rate, frequency, pace, rhythm, beat; (3) to draw tā ‘a e kuonga literally,‘the beat of the era/period’ tā fafangu to ring a bell (literally,‘to strike the bell’) tā faiva to perform a dance, to do a performance tā fakatātā to draw (a picture) tā fangufangu to play the nose flute tā fasi to play a tune, to play music tā hiva to lead music, to conduct music tā kakau to roam, to wander tā kalamafoni to play the gramophone tā kītā to play the guitar tā kupesi to draw/paint geometrical designs (on a tapa cloth) tā lesoni to present a lesson tā letiō to play the radio tā mafua fishing/hunting for food (by a bird) 116 APPENDIX Word Definition/meaning tā maka to carve a rock/stone, to cut stones from the reef tā me‘a/tā me‘a lea to play musical things, to play in a musical band tā mo‘ua/tā pila to pay a loan or a bill in installments tā mu‘a to be in the front tā mui to be in the back/rear tā nafa to beat the drum, to play the drum tā ‘one‘one to dig up sand, to scoop up sand tā pata to dig or scoop up coarse sand (for placing on a grave) tā penisiō to play the banjo tā piano to play the piano tā pōpao to carve a canoe tā selo to play the cello tā seniti to send money (cents), to wire money tā sīpinga to set an example (literally,‘to perform a pattern’) tā taimi to beat time (in singing or music) tā tatau to tattoo tā tepi to play a tape player tā tongitongi to carve tā tuku (1) the final or parting beat; (2) final work, conclusion tā tu‘o lahi occurring several or many times tā uho to cut the umbilical cord tā ‘ukulele to play the ukulele tā valivali to paint (a picture) taa‘i fale a section of a house taa‘i siaine/taa‘i hopa/taa‘i pata a bunch of bananas ta‘alo to wave, to beckon, to signal (with the hand) ta‘anga poetic compositions (literally,‘the place of beating/ striking’) ta‘anga fale to cut down timber for a house ta‘anga pōpao to cut down a tree for a canoe SELECTED TONGAN TERMS AND PROVERBS 117 Word Definition/meaning ta‘au a change in time (literally,‘the beat of the current’) tāfihi to cut away the tangled undergrowth tafihu to turn away tāfili/tāfilifili to roll over tāfisi to turn a somersault tafoe to row with a canoe paddle tafoki to turn and return tāfua to lead music, to measure the beat or rhythm tafuli to turn around tafunga/ tafungofunga a mound tafu‘u/tafu‘ufu‘u a higher part of the floor/ground tāfu‘ua to be astounded tahakehake a hill, a mound, a rise tahifohifo a slope tāhuli (1) to produce sprouts (a plant); (2) to produce descendants (people) tāi‘i small (tāi‘i e taimi is ‘a short amount of time’) tāiku/tātāiku toward the end (literally,‘the last few beats’) ta‘imālie to happen just at the correct or opportune time tāisia to perform at the mound (sia) tāitō/taitaitō going down (as the setting of the sun) tākele base, bottom tākisi to turn a somersault takohi to make a rough note (scratch) of tālafu a fireplace on a canoe talalo flying low tālau continued discharge of blood after the birth of a baby tālave to engage in a long and serious discussion taliu to return, go back tāliu to bail water from a boat 118 APPENDIX Word Definition/meaning taloa to travel directly by sea (or air) without stopping anywhere talolo/talolololo (1) to ease off, subside (of wind, fire, rough sea, disease, rebellion, war, or quarrel); (2) to slow down (of time); (3) to sit down, to bow taloto to be in the middle tā-loto-fonua to cross inland talua to hit the floor/ground twice with the feet tāmala to trample tāmate to kill tāmoloki to trample...


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