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vii acknowledgments This collection materialized from our vision of bringing together scholars, practitioners, and activists in various disciplines working in and on the U.S. South. We are grateful to many individuals who made that effort possible. Our first thanks are to Ted Ownby and Charles Reagan Wilson for their early generosity in supporting the Transforming New South Identities Symposium, which shaped our approach to this book and enriched our understanding of southern studies as academic practice. We are also grateful to Walter Biggins, our editor at the University of Georgia Press, for having faith in the symposium and book project from the beginning and for sending the manuscript to dis‑ cerning readers whose comments and vision strengthened this book. We would also like to express our gratitude to Elaine Abadie, Barbara Har‑ ris Combs, Jeffrey T. Jackson, Katie McKee, and Ted Ownby, who collaborated with us as members of the steering committee for the Transforming New South Identities Symposium held at the University of Mississippi in 2014; to all of the University of Mississippi faculty who suggested participants; and to Robert Brinkmeyer, Deirdre Cooper Owens, Barbara Harris Combs, Simone Delerme, Kirsten Dellinger, Leigh Anne Duck, Robbie Ethridge, John J. Green, Darren E. Grem, Ross Haenfler, Andy Harper, Jeffrey T. Jackson, Willa M. John‑ son, Katie McKee, Ted Ownby, and Zandria Robinson for answering our call to serve as symposium facilitators, discussants, and peer reviewers. Thanks also to Becca Walton for her thoughtful and judicious assistance in symposium planning. We are also particularly appreciative of the generous funding from the Center for the Study of Southern Culture’s Endowment for the Future of the South, which made the symposium possible. This book grew out of papers presented at the Transforming New South Identities Symposium. We are especially indebted to those who daringly came together for the symposium in 2014, including Martyn Bone, Zac Henson, Sa‑ brina Pendergrass, Tom Okie, and Susan O’Donovan, whose works are not published in this volume but who participated in the symposium’s peer review process. Their critiques are visible in the works of their peers. We also wish to express our appreciation to the authors whose essays are included here. It was a privilege to observe and participate in your scholarly and creative processes. Finally, we are thankful for the generous mentorship of Marjorie Spruill, who always made time to talk us through particularly complex steps in edit‑ ing a collection. This page intentionally left blank Navigating Souths This page intentionally left blank ...


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