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THESE RUGGED DAYS Frontispiece: Civil War Ala­ bama, 1861–65. Nicholas H. Holmes III, delineator, 2016. THESE RUGGED DAYS Ala­ bama in the Civil War JOHN S. SLEDGE The University of Ala­ bama Press Tuscaloosa The University of Ala­ bama Press Tuscaloosa, Ala­bama 35487-­0380 Copyright © 2017 by the University of Ala­ bama Press All rights reserved. Frontispiece: Civil War Ala­ bama map; copyright by Nicholas Holmes III Inquiries about reproducing material from this work should be addressed to the University of Ala­ bama Press. Typeface: Garamond and Futura Manufactured in the United States of America Cover image: Wilson’s Charge; painting by Don Stivers; courtesy Stivers Publishing Cover design: Gary Gore Cataloging-­ in-­ Publication data is available from the Library of Congress. ISBN: 978-­0-­8173-­1960-­1 E-­ISBN: 978-­0-­8173-­9142-­3 Publication of These Rugged Days is made possible in part through the generosity of the A. S. Mitchell Foundation and the Alabama Bicentennial Commission Foundation. For the people of the great state of Ala­ bama, and in memory of Thomas Tyler Potterfield, friend of many years Hereafter you shall recount to your children, with conscious pride, the story of these rugged days, and you will always greet a comrade of the old brigade with open arms. — Brig. Gen. R. L. Gibson’s farewell to his troops upon their surrender after the Mobile campaign, May 8, 1865 ...


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