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Reporters Ray Stannard Baker (Chicago Record), Clifton Sparks (Chicago Tribune), and Charlie Seymour (Chicago Herald) near Hancock MD, after their three day barge trip down the C&O canal. (Courtesy Massillon Museum, Ohio) Carl Browne in his trademark western regalia that he wore throughout the march. (Courtesy Library of Congress) Coxey’s Army arrives on the outskirts of Pittsburgh near Homestead, PA, to a tumultuous welcome. (Courtesy Massillon Museum, Ohio) Coxey’s Army at a campsite near Hagerstown, MD. (Courtesy Ohio Historical Connection) Coxey’s Army entering Brightwood Park on April 29, 1894, their last encampment before the final march to the Capitol on May 1. (Courtesy Library of Congress) Coxey entering Frederick Maryland on April 25, 1894. (Courtesy­ Montgomery County Historical Society) Portrait of Jacob Sechler Coxey taken about the time of the march as he turned forty. (Courtesy Massillon Museum, Ohio) Christopher Columbus Jones, Carl Browne, and Jacob Coxey stand outside the District of Columbia jail after serving a twenty-day sentence for trespassing on the Capitol Grounds. (Courtesy Massillon Museum, Ohio) Portrait of Ray Stannard Baker who accompanied the march at age 24 for the ­ Chicago Record. It was­ Baker’s first major assignment outside ­ Chicago. (Courtesy Library of Congress) Portrait of Robert Peet Skinner who owned and edited the Massillon Evening Independent, and whose stories about preparations for Coxey’s March, beginning in January 1894, attracted the attention of other newspapers. (Courtesy Massillon Museum, Ohio) Portrait of “Dr. E. P. Pizzaro,” who the press conveniently dubbed“The Great Unknown,” to build reader interest in their daily dispatches, and who competed with Carl Browne in giving commands. (Courtesy Massillon Museum, Ohio) ...


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