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Contents Accessing Moving Images vii Foreword / Alice T. Friedman ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction Martha J. McNamara and Karan Sheldon 1 Part I Locating Contexts: Archive, Material, History, Place 15 1 A Place for Moving Images: Thirty Years of Northeast Historic Film Karan Sheldon 17 2 The Technologies of Home Movies and Amateur Film Dino Everett 39 3 A Region Apart: Representations of Maine and Northern New England in Personal Film, 1920–1940 Libby Bischof 48 4 A Strange Familiarity: Alexander Forbes and the Aesthetics of Amateur Film Justin Wolff 71 Part II Creative Choices: Recovering Value in Amateur Film 95 Reflection 1: The Task at Hand: The Films of Ernest Stillman Whit Stillman 97 5 Midway between Secular and Sacred: Consecrating the Home Movie as a Cultural Heritage Object Karen F. Gracy 105 6 “All the Wonderful Possibilities of Motion Pictures”: Hiram Percy Maxim and the Aesthetics of Amateur Filmmaking Charles Tepperman 125 vi | Contents 7 Comedic Counterpoise: Landscape and Laughs in the Films of Sidney N. Shurcliff Martha J. McNamara 147 Part III Everyday Lives: Home and Work in Amateur Film 173 Reflection 2: Perspectives on the Home Movies of Charles Norman Shay, Penobscot Elder Jennifer Neptune 175 8 Not-at-Home Movies Christopher Castiglia and Christopher Reed 183 9 The Boss’s Film: Expert Amateurs and Industrial Culture Brian R. Jacobson 198 Part IV Families: Private and Public 219 Reflection 3: “The Ring of Time” in the E. B. White Home Movies Martha White 221 10 Opening the Can: Home Movies in the Public Sphere Melissa Dollman 229 11 Layers of Vision in Amateur Film Mark Neumann and Janna Jones 253 Selected Bibliography 275 Index 281 ...


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