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ILLUSTRATIONS N O T E Since iconographical considerations were of more importance for this study than stylistic, certain liberties have been taken with the tracings made of the manuscript illustrations: landscapes were eliminated where they did not affect the scene; frames were omitted; depiction of clothing was simplified; the size of the original was reduced or enlarged; and in the illustration of the Beaver two separate scenes were juxtaposed. In no case, however, have any of the essential features been changed as far as these were visible on microfilms or photographic reproductions. In spite of the incomparable aid given by the various processes of reproduction in existence today, it is still true that nothing can wholly take the place of seeing the manuscript itself — with its dark letters and rubrics, its lively drawings in outline, or its scenes in many colors. The animals in the following illustrations represent a personal choice based, among other reasons, on scenes that are most typical of the familiar or of the lesser known of the Physiologus and bestiary creatures. It will be noted that the majority are taken from Latin rather than French manuscripts. This can be explained by recalling that the latter in many cases contain small, rather unimaginative pictures usually dating from the thirteenth century; they include a number of interesting details but their general excellence is not equal to that found in the wide variety of extant Latin manuscripts. 194 MEDIAEVAL BESTIARIES SOURCES OF ILLUSTRATIONS Plate I. 1. AMPHISBAENA a. Bodl. 764, f. 97. b. Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum 254, f. 41v. 2. ANT. B.N., fr. 14969, f. 17. (GC). 3. ANTELOPE. Brussels, Bibl. Roy. 10074, f. 141. 4. APE. Bodl. 602, f. 18v. 5. ASP. B.M., Harl. 3244, f. 61v. Plate II. 1. ASPIDOCHELONE a. Bodl. 602, f. 22v. b. Oxford, Merton Coll. 249, f. 8. (PT). 2. BASILISK. Cambridge, Corpus Christi Coll. 53, f. 205. 3. BARNACLE GOOSE. Paris, Arsenal 3516, f. 205. (PB). 4. CALADRIUS. B.M., Egerton 613, f. 34. (GC). 5. BEAVER. B.M., Royal 2 B. vii, f. lOlv. and 102. Plate III. 1. CROCODILE. Morgan 81, f. 70. 2. CRANE. Bodl. 764, f. 62. 3. CALADRIUS. Morgan 832, f. 10. 4. DRAGON a. B.N., lat. 3630, f. 93. b. B.M., Harl. 3244, f. 59. 5. EAGLE. Cambridge, Corpus Christi Coll. 53, 198v. Plate IV. 1. ELEPHANT a. Bodl., Laud Misc. 247, f. 163v. b. B.M., Harl. 4751, f. 8. 2. Fox. Bodl. 602, f. 12v. 3. GRIFFIN. Bodl. 764, f. llv. 4. MANDRAKE. B.N., fr. 14969, f. 61v. (GC). I L L U S T R A T I O N S 195 Plate V. 1. HEDGEHOG.B.M., Royal 12 F. xiii, f. 45. 2. HYDRUS AND CROCODILE a. Copenhagen, Royal Lib. 3466, f. 21. (PT). b. Cambridge, Corpus Christi Coll. 53, f. 206. 3. LIZARD. Munich, lat. 6908, f. 81v. 4. IBIS. Bodl. 602, f. llv. 5. HYENA. B.M., Harl. 4751, f. 10. Plate VI. 1. LION a. Copenhagen, Royal Lib., 3466, f. 10. (PT). b. Cambridge, Corpus Christi Coll. 53, f. 189. 2. MANTICORA. Bodl. 764, f. 25. 3. OSTRICH. Canterbury Lit. D 10, f. 131. 4. PANTHER. Bodl. 602, f. 20. Plate VII. 1. PHOENIX. Bodl., Douce 88 A, f. 20. 2. ONAGER. Munich, lat. 6908, f. 80. 3. SALAMANDER. B.M., Royal 12 C. xix, f. 68v. 4. PELICAN. Bodl. 764, f. 72v. 5. PERIDEXION TREE. Bodl. 602, f. 29. 6. SAWFISH. Morgan 81, f. 69. Plate VIII. 1. SAWFISH a. Copenhagen, Royal Lib. 3466, f. 43v. (PT). b. Brussels, Bibl. Roy. 10074, f. 142. 2. SIREN ANDONOCENTAUR. Bodl., Douce 167, f. 3v. 3. SIREN. Cambridge, Sidney Sussex Coll. 100, f. 38v. 4. SNAKE. Bodl. 764, f. lOOv. 5. STAG a. Bodl. 764, f. 17v. b. Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum 254, f. 10. 6. VIPER. Paris. Arsenal 3516, f. 200v. (PB). 196 MEDIAEVAL BESTIARIES Plate IX. 1. TIGER a. Paris, Arsenal 3516, f. 200. (PB). b. B.M., Add. 11283, f. 1. 2. UNICORN a. Bern, Burgerbibliothek 3^8, f. 16v. b. B.M., Royal 12 F. xiii, f. lOv. c. B.M., Harl. 3244, f. 42v. 3. VIPER. Bern, Burgerbibliothek 318, f. 11. Plate X. 1. VIPER. B.M., Sloane 278, f. 51. 2. VULTURE. Paris, Arsenal 3516, f. 200v. (PB). 3. WEASEL. B.M., Royal 2 B. vii, f. 112v. 4. WOLF. B.M., Sloane 3544, f. 13. 5. YALE. Morgan 81, f. 39. 6. WOODPECKER. Paris, Arsenal 3516, f. 201v. (PB...


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