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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The fascinating Civil War story of Augustine Thomas Smythe is documented in a significant number of letters that he wrote to family and friends during the conflict. This correspondence has survived for more than one and a half centuries because Susan Smythe Bennett, Smythe’s daughter and the wife of the Charleston Renaissance author John Bennett, realized the letters’ intellectual value and donated them to the South Carolina Historical Society. For several decades they have been preserved and made available to the public as the Augustine Thomas Smythe Papers at the Society’s Robert Mills Fireproof Building. Recently the Smythe Papers and the majority of the Society’s collections were moved to the Addlestone Library at the College of Charleston. At this new location, researchers can delve into the lives of this Irish immigrant family, whose lives helped to shape the future of their city and state. The publication of this volume would not have been possible without the assistance and support of a significant number of people. The editors would like to thank Faye Jensen and the Board of Managers of the South Carolina Historical Society for allowing these letters to be annotated and published and also for their previous support of the publication of other letters found at the South Carolina Historical Society, which appeared in two Civil War documentary editions that preceded this volume. Taken together , these three collections represent a very small but historically significant portion of the rich and vast collections of South Carolina Historical Society. The editors are honored to have had an opportunity to make these letters more accessible to the public. The editors also would like to thank their colleagues at the South Carolina Historical Society and the South Carolina Department of Archives and History for their assistance during this process. In particular, we are grateful for the efforts of Ehren Foley and Wade Dorsey, both of whom took time to read parts of the manuscript and provide their thoughts and suggestions. Many thanks are due to Nic Butler, Robert B. Cuthbert, and B. Powell Harrison (an Adger descendant) for helpful information and to George W. Williams, former historiographer of St. Michael’s Church, for an interesting tour of the steeple. The editors also would like to extend a special word of thanks to Alexander Moore, x | Acknowledgments acquisitions editor at the University of South Carolina Press, who played a pivotal role in the publication of this volume and of two previous collaborative editions produced by the editors. Alex Moore has been both an accommodating editor and a friend to the editors, and we are grateful for his support and words of wisdom. Finally, the editors would like to thank their families for their patience during this and previous editing projects. As with all projects of this nature, the efforts of many combine to produce a work that, it is hoped, will enlighten and withstand the scrutiny of future readers. The editors take complete responsibility for any errors or oversights found within this volume. ...


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