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I feel most fortunate to have a rich collegial network of people who have contributed to this book. Many of these people have become close friends and intellectual comrades. Per-Olof Ågren, Thomas Augst, Mats Dahlström, Cathy Davidson, Johanna Drucker, Emma Ewadotter, Anna Foka, Zephyr Frank, Matt Gold, David Theo Goldberg, Katherine Hayles, Stephanie Hendrick, Lorna Hughes, Torbjörn Johansson, Kjell Jonsson, Finn Arne Jørgensen, Lauren Klein, Simon Lindgren, Cecilia Lindhé, Alan Liu, Shannon Mattern, Tara McPherson, Jenna Ng, Thomas Nygren, Andrew Prescott, Jessica Pressman, Rita Raley, Matt Ratto, Erica Robles-Anderson, Geoffrey Rockwell, Nishant Shah, Pelle Snickars, Jonathan Sterne, Lisa Swanstrom, Fred Turner, and many others have helped me shape these arguments. I have enjoyed and benefited from working with an excellent technology, methodology, and communication group in HUMlab, including Elin Andersson, Emma Ewadotter, Karin Jangert, Mattis Lindmark, Roger Mähler, Magnus Olofsson, Fredrik Palm, Jim Robertson, Jon Svensson, and Johan Von Boer. Stephanie Hendrick read, commented on and proofread most of the manuscript, and provided very useful pointers and help. Anne Drewett proofread the whole manuscript more thoroughly than I thought possible. Her linguistic and discursive sharpness has been invaluable. Pelle Snickars also read the full manuscript and helped me make this into a better publication. Matt Ratto, Anna Foka, Finn Arne Jørgensen, Cecilia Lindhé, Thomas Nygren, and Erica Robles-Anderson read and commented on parts of the manuscript. Fred Turner read one chapter and predictably gave me great advice. Many others have read sections of the manuscript and I thank them all. I also thank my academic mentors: David Theo Goldberg, Kjell Jonsson, Fred Turner, and Johanna Drucker. My friends and colleagues have provided the grounding on which I stand. I sincerely hope that this book makes some sense to all of you.

I also thank the staff and leadership at the Digital Humanities Quarterly, and Arts and Humanities in Higher Education where earlier versions of some of this material were shaped and published.

I finished the book while a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Advanced Research Collaboratory at the Graduate Center at City University New York, whose spirit, generosity and intellectual strength helped me greatly.

This book is a direct result of generous support from Umeå University, the Baltic Group, and the Wallenberg Foundation.

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