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159 37 Maria asks Father to hang green window boxes for flowers in front of the windows of the Giefer house. Father shakes his head: “Not necessary!” What is that,“necessary?” Maria thinks about the word. She is sad that she can’t make the house pretty. It looks so nice and friendly when red flowers bloom in green boxes against the whitewashed walls.“Not necessary.” What is necessary? Late one evening Maria sees Klöss and Willi secretly climbing out of the window and down a ladder into the dark green, strong smelling nettles behind the house. She sees them going off with other boys from the village. Surely, they are going to enjoy themselves. Maybe they do it often? For their strict Father, the children’s enjoyment is not necessary, only their work on the farm. Father is very strict, Maria thinks, but yet good. Is it enough to have only what is necessary? The little ones, Hubert and Toni, make their own fun. They sit behind the manure heap, playing with green pine cones and arranging them into a village. Pine cones are cows and horses, carts and trains. Maria walks past and Toni explains to her what they are playing. He is the only one who likes talking to her. He is always friendly when he comes to Maria to ask for a slice of bread, for a patch for his torn trousers, for this and that. He is affectionate and lets himself be hugged and caressed. What is“not necessary ?”Flower boxes on the house? Having fun? Playing? Showing affection? In some gardens bright nasturtiums grow along the fence, and hollyhocks bloom right up to the gutters. In the Giefers’garden the phlox, which blooms in three colors, smells sweet in midsummer. Is that necessary? What is necessary? What makes a need necessary? Necessary is what is needed, isn’t it? Maria thinks that everyone has his or her own needs. Joy? Is that necessary? And is what is not needed, necessary all the same? Stories Main Pgs 1-258.indd 159 4/26/2017 12:17:40 PM ...


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