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vii contents List of plates page ix List of figures xi List of music examples xiii List of tables xv Preface xvii Note on transcription xix List of abbreviations xxi Introduction 1 1 The Bible and liturgy: Palm Sunday processions 14 Introduction 14 Locating Palm Sunday 18 Palms and consecrated hosts: the matter of Palm Sunday 23 Quasi-biblical language at the first station 27 Gloria, laus et honor and an imagined entry scene 33 Caiphas 37 Entering liturgical time 41 Concluding hosannas 44 2 The Bible as talisman: textus and oath-books 59 Introduction: Bibles on the fringe 59 The Mass: the Gospel book goes centre-stage 63 Provenance I: parishes 66 Provenance II: monasteries and cathedrals 69 Transition: textus and the career of Hubert de Burgh 75 Oaths and sacred books in courts of law 76 Provision and nature of oath-books 80 Conclusion 91 3 Paratext and meaning in Late Medieval Bibles 108 Introduction 108 A variety of biblical addenda 112 The Interpretations of Hebrew Names 118 Uniformity of layout 124 MUP_Poleg_BibleMedievalEngland.indd 7 10/07/2013 16:25 contents viii Beyond a common layout: the Psalms 129 The Psalms’ superscriptions 134 Conclusion 138 4 Preaching the Bible: three Advent Sunday sermons 152 Introduction 152 The Bible in sermons: the preachers’ view 159 The Interpretations of Hebrew Names in practice 166 Extra-biblical narratives 170 Application of biblical difficulties 175 On biblical quotations 179 Conclusion: beyond preaching the liturgy 184 Conclusion 198 Appendix: a survey of Late Medieval Bibles 211 Bibliography 222 Index 254 MUP_Poleg_BibleMedievalEngland.indd 8 10/07/2013 16:25 ...


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