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[ vii ] ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This book would not have been possible, first and foremost, without the guidance I received from Avi Shlaim. A large part of the research was conducted when I was pursuing my master’s and doctoral degrees at the University of Oxford, where he provided me with essential advice, support and encouragement. St Antony’s College and the Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford gave me the institutional and social basis for my studies and research. The later stages of this research were supported by the Organization for Islamic Area Studies, Waseda University (Japan), as well as the Center for International and Regional Studies, Georgetown University(Qatar),theUniversityofTokyo(Japan),KanazawaUniversity (Japan) and the National Archives (United Arab Emirates). I am also grateful to the late Tsugitaka Sato, Eiji Nagasawa, Yuzo Shitomi, Warwick Knowles, Roger Goodman, Rosemary Foot and James Piscatori for inspiring me to embark on a long-term project. Comments from John Darwin and Wm. Roger Louis as examiners of my doctoral degree gave me the encouragement to carry on, and editorial support from Emma Brennan and James Disley as well as the comments from the referees of Manchester University Press enabled me to finalise it. Various stages of this research were financially supported by the Swire Educational Trust, the Royal Historical Society, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Asia–Africa Science Platform Program; KAKENHI grant numbers 23720311, 13J09266, 26760003), the Kajima Foundation and the Mitsubishi Foundation. In addition, Oashi Kyohei helped me with the visual materials. Kai Hebel, Iason Gabriel, Lee Jones, Noriko Kanahara, Joydeep Sen, Daisuke Ikemoto, Alex Buck, Thomas Williams and Hiro Katsumata went through my manuscript at various stages of my research. Comments from Roham Alvandi, Suzi Mirgani, Laurent Lambert, Reo Matsuzaki, Toshi Higuchi, Roland Popp, Hiromi Mizokami, Retzu Hashizume, Jin Noda, Kazuaki Sawai, Takenori Yoshimura, Mayumi Abe, Noriyuki Osada, Osamu Otsuka, Osamu Kobayashi, Takumi Miyazaki, Hiro Katsumata, Tatsuya Koizumi, Hisao Ueda, Monica Malik, El Mehdi Chatouaki, Mariam Sultan Al Mazrouei, Maitha Salman Al Zaabi, Shareena Said Al Qubaisi and Aisha Bilkhair Abdulla all provided insights to the project. Finally, I would like to thank all my friends and family, particularly my mother and father, for helping me give meaning to this book and to my life. SATO 9780719099687 PRINT.indd 7 04/12/2015 08:53 ...


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