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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This book was written in stops and starts over the past decade, disrupted by work commitments, dire illness, and crazy love. I often doubted that it would ever see the light of day. Now daylight has come and I’m moved to give thanks. Like every work of scholarship, Body Modern is the work of many hands—­ a collaborative effort. I want to thank everyone who has contributed; I have tried to name you here and in the notes. If I neglected to list you, please forgive my sin of omission. I want especially to offer thanks to my wife, Eva Åhrén, who gave me love and intellectual companionship and consoled me in dark hours, and to my dear daughters, Eve and Nell, who somehow grew to adulthood despite my Fritz Kahn obsessions. I also especially want to thank Jeff Reznick, chief of the History of Medicine Division (HMD), National Library of Medicine, who warmly supported this book and my work as division scholar. My colleagues at the National Library of Medicine have helped me in uncountable ways. A number of scholars heard presentations or read parts of the project in various stages. I am entirely indebted to them. Miriam Eilers, a young Kahn scholar, was especially generous in sharing with me some of her research findings and ideas. I feel honored to have her as a trusted colleague, and I urge readers of this book to consult her smart scholarship on Kahn. Mary Cappello, Claudia Stein, and Carsten Timmermann all read portions of the book. Their insightful comments greatly improved the text, as did University of Minnesota Press peer reviewer Matthew Biro and a reviewer who chooses to remain anonymous . Claudia also helped me with translations, brilliantly teasing out nuances that I had entirely missed. I also owe thanks to Sita Reddy and Mark Dery for their friendship, brilliance, and willingness to indulge in zonked-­ out intellect play. Mark encouraged me to submit Body Modern to the University of Minnesota Press, for which I am ever grateful. I thank my exemplary editor, Pieter Martin, as well as everyone else at the University of Minnesota Press, for putting my baby to bed. 194 | ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I want to give a shout-­ out to the grandchildren of Fritz Kahn—­ Daniel Turban, Joseph Turban, David Turban, and especially Dror Kahn, who invited me into his home and broke bread with me. They generously gave me their permission and blessing to use Fritz Kahn’s images and words. I hope they are pleased with the results, and that this book helps them and their families to get better acquainted with Kahn, a complex and brilliant figure with whom they share family histories and secrets. There are still more people and institutions to thank: Sam Alberti, EmewedishBekele,LaurieBlock,CorneliusBorck,RobertBrain,JulieK. Brown, Liping Bu, Karen Bucky, David Cantor, Anne Carter, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Roger Cooter, Rachel Core, Milton Corn, Duyan Dang, Kristi Sweet Davenport, Thilo von Debschitz, Aruna D’Souza, Thiago de Sousa Brandão, Erica di Benedetto, Dittrick Medical History Center (Cleveland), Joanna Ebenstein, Jim Edmonson, Sarah Eilers, Elizabeth Fee, Deborah Fehr, T. Kenny Fountain, Sander Gilman, Liliya Gusakova, Hagströmerbiblioteket (Stockholm), Richard C. Hall, Michael Hau, Bill Helfand, Holly Herro, Walter Hickel, Michael Ann Holly, Nick Hopwood, Institute for the History of Science and Technology (Deutsches Museum, Munich), Miriam Intrator, Mark Jarzombek, Margaret Kaiser, Jonathan Katz, Ken Koyle, Leo Baeck Institute for the Study of German Jewry (New York), Laura Lindgren, Tom McDonough, Philippa Mole, Morbid Anatomy Museum, Library, and Observatory, Elizabeth Mullen, Erika Naginski, National Institutes of Health Library, National Library of Sweden, Alex Nemerov, New York Academy of Medicine, Caitlin Newman, Jennifer Nieves, Michael North, Lisa O’Sullivan, Jennifer Burek Pierce, Karen Pitts, Lawrence Principe, Susan Roeper, Corey Ross, Ginny Roth, Lutz Sauerteig, Thomas Schlich, Arlene Shaner, Crystal Smith, Thomas Steller, Mike Stoffel, Kathy Stuart, Akihito Suzuki, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, Ken Swezey, Paul Theerman, Helmuth Trischler, Kristian Tvedten, Michaela Ullmann, Thilo von Debschitz, Uta von Debschitz, Jessica Wang, Bernadette Wegenstein, and Claude Zachary. Over the years, I have presented aspects of the work of this book to the National Library of Medicine, the New York Academy of Medicine, the School of Visual Arts (New York), the Corporealities and Medicine and the Media workshops, University of Warwick (U.K.), the Smithsonian Institution, McGill University, the University of Uppsala, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Tokyo, the University of British Columbia, the Morbid Anatomy Museum and...


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