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Acknowledgments To Emma Dunham Day and Maddie Harlow Day, my backseat drivers M ore than any project I’ve worked on,this book reflects my belief that art impacts—and helps us to understand—our world. It’s a luxury to be surrounded by art in all of its forms, and, in the case of this book, to work with so many people who have helped me to better express this view. From an initial conversation with Vicky Unruh, who asked what I meant when I said I was studying alliances (I wasn’t really sure at the time) to hallway conversations and classroom discussions, I’m grateful for vibrant intellectual exchange. The anonymous reviewers provided outstanding feedback, and I am deeply appreciative of their time, expertise, and dedication. Billy Acree, Jackie Bixler, and Juan Carlos González Espitia, my compadre, have been there for me for a couple of decades, and I’m truly grateful for their friendship and help, including with this manuscript. My parents and brother are the same way— always there for me, no matter what. Marta Caminero-Santangelo is probably one of four people to read this manuscript from cover to cover (I hope this number will double over the years). I would never have finished this project without her. Equally important are the people who helped me with key details of my manuscript, from excellent translations and editing (Katya Soll) to dedication by the professionals at the University of Arizona Press: Kristen Buckles, viii acknowledgments amazing acquisitions work both for this project and for the forthcoming Modern Mexican Culture: Critical Foundations; Amanda Krause, editorial and production work; Nicole Hayward, cover design; Ruth Melville, copy editing; Robert Swanson, indexing; Nora Evans-Reitz, marketing. I appreciate this cradle-tograve support,which was always offered with a smile.Other people allowed me to get work done by keeping me organized and on track, especially the staff in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Office of the Provost (special thanks to Aileen Ball and Julie Popiel). I’m truly grateful. Outside Theater ...


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