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xvii Justification The research in this book is based on interviews and data collected by the authors of each chapter. Where useful, information was shared between different authors and used in multiple chapters. Over a hundred new interviews were conducted for the purpose of this research between 2015 and 2016 in various countries including several European countries, Uganda, Sudan, and Ethiopia. In addition, information was received from within Eritrea and Egypt. Furthermore, several focus group meetings were held to discuss the findings. Where interviews were carried out by two or more people, the book cites only the author of the interview transcript for security reasons. Information about co-interviewers as well as translators is available with the editors. The interviews that were transcribed and (written) reports received from monitors have been edited (without changing the meaning), in order to facilitate readability. During one of the focus group meetings, a participant shared information about what was perceived as a retaliation in Eritrea. To protect those who have contributed to this work, we have, therefore, completely anonymised all respondents (sometimes also including the dates and locations of interviews) and have left out any details that may lead back to them. Letters used to refer to informants have been assigned at random; informants may have been assigned several letters and the same letters may refer to multiple informants. While some interviews were audio recorded, this was not always appropriate given the sensitivity of what was being discussed. All interviews and related materials are available with the authors and editors. The intention of the use of material from respondents and interviewees and conversations held with them is to develop a more in-depth understanding of the situation of Eritrean refugees. Given the particular situations where these refugees are located, it was not always possible for the researchers to visit all places. None of the information should be conjectured as incriminating evidence. Any information needs to undergo new and thorough investigation if it is used for other purposes. ...


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