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Part Three New Media and Technologies More and more . . . than the coup d’état of sound, it seems to me that the history of cinema has its turning point in the irresistible infiltration of color. —Jacques Rivette, “The Age of Metteurs en scène” (1954) The difference between CinemaScope and the routine talking picture of the past is comparable in impact to the difference between a crystal radio and a high fidelity FM receiver. . . . More and more we are thinking in terms of width rather than height. We live wide nowadays, preferring the ranch house to the two-flight. —Charles Einfield, “CinemaScope and the Public” (1953) Now three-dimension, complemented by directional sound and color, literally enables us to give the spectator the thrilling experience of actually being a participant in the dramatic action. —Jack L. Warner, “1927, Sound—1953, 3-D” (1953) ...


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