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341 Appendix B WMatrix Semantic Tags A. General and Abstract Terms A1 General A1.1.1 General action, making, etc. A1.1.2 Damaging and destroying A1.2 Suitability A1.3 Caution A1.4 Chance, luck A1.5 Use A1.5.1 Using A1.5.2 Usefulness A1.6 Physical/mental A1.7 Constraint A1.8 Inclusion/Exclusion A1.9 Avoiding A2 Affect A2.1 Affect: Cause/Connected A3 Being A4 Classification A4.1 Generally kinds, groups, examples A4.2 Particular/general; detail A5 Evaluation A5.1 Evaluation: Good/bad A5.2 Evaluation: True/false A5.3 Evaluation: Accuracy A5.4 Evaluation: Authenticity A6 Comparing A6.1 Comparing: Similar/ different A6.2 Comparing: Usual/unusual A6.3 Comparing: Variety A7 Definite (+ modals) A8 Seem A9 Getting and giving; possession A10 Open/closed; Hiding/ Hidden; Finding; Showing A11 Importance A11.1 Importance: Important A11.2 Importance: Noticeability A12 Easy/difficult A13 Degree A13.1 Degree: Non-specific A13.2 Degree: Maximizers A13.3 Degree: Boosters A13.4 Degree: Approximators A13.5 Degree: Compromisers A13.6 Degree: Diminishers A13.7 Degree: Minimizers A14 Exclusivizers/particularizers A15 Safety/Danger B. The Body and the Individual B1 Anatomy and physiology B2 Health and disease 342 | Appendix B B3 Medicines and medical treatment B4 Cleaning and personal care B5 Clothes and personal belongings C. Arts and Crafts C1 Arts and crafts E. Emotional Actions, States and Processes E1 General E2 Liking E3 Calm/Violent/Angry E4 Happy/sad E4.1 Happy/sad: Happy E4.2 Happy/sad: Contentment E5 Fear/bravery/shock E6 Worry, concern, confident F. Food and Farming F1 Food F2 Drinks F3 Cigarettes and drugs F4 Farming & Horticulture G. Government and the Public Domain G1 Government, Politics, & elections G1.1 Government, etc. G1.2 Politics G2 Crime, law and order G2.1 Crime, law and order: Law & order G2.2 General ethics G3 Warfare, defense and the army, Weapons H. Architecture, Buildings, Houses, and the Home H1 Architecture H2 Parts of buildings H3 Areas around or near houses H4 Residence H5 Furniture and household fittings I. Money and Commerce I1 Money generally I1.1 Money: Affluence I1.2 Money: Debts I1.3 Money: Price I2 Business I2.1 Business: Generally I2.2 Business: Selling I3 Work and employment I3.1 Work and employment: Generally I3.2 Work and employment: Professionalism I4 Industry K. Entertainment, Sports, and Games K1 Entertainment generally K2 Music and related activities K3 Recorded sound, etc. K4 Drama, the theater, & show business K5 Sports and games generally K5.1 Sports K5.2 Games K6 Children’s games and toys L. Life and Living Things L1 Life and living things WMatrix Semantic Tags | 343 L2 Living creatures generally L3 Plants M. Movement, Location, Travel, and Transport M1 Moving, coming and going M2 Putting, taking, pulling, pushing, transporting, etc. M3 Movement/transportation: land M4 Movement/transportation: water M5 Movement/transportation: air M6 Location and direction M7 Places M8 Remaining/stationary N. Numbers and Measurement N1 Numbers N2 Mathematics N3 Measurement N3.1 Measurement: General N3.2 Measurement: Size N3.3 Measurement: Distance N3.4 Measurement: Volume N3.5 Measurement: Weight N3.6 Measurement: Area N3.7 Measurement: Length & height N3.8 Measurement: Speed N4 Linear order N5 Quantities N5.1 Entirety: maximum N5.2 Exceeding: waste N6 Frequency, etc. O. Substances, Materials, Objects, and Equipment O1 Substances and materials generally O1.1 Substances and materials generally: Solid O1.2 Substances and materials generally: Liquid O1.3 Substances and materials generally: Gas O2 Objects generally O3 Electricity and electrical equipment O4 Physical attributes O4.1 General appearance and physical properties O4.2 Judgment of appearance (pretty, etc.) O4.3 Color and color patterns O4.4 Shape O4.5 Texture O4.6 Temperature P. Education P1 Education in general Q. Linguistic Actions, States, and Processes Q1 Communication Q1.1 Communication in general Q1.2 Paper documents and writing Q1.3 Telecommunications Q2 Speech acts Q2.1 Speech etc: Communicative Q2.2 Speech acts Q3 Language, speech, and grammar 344 | Appendix B Q4 The Media Q4.1 The Media: Books Q4.2 The Media: Newspapers, etc. Q4.3 The Media: TV, Radio, & Cinema S. Social Actions, States, and Processes S1 Social actions, states, & processes S1.1 Social actions, states, & processes S1.1.1 General S1.1.2 Reciprocity S1.1.3 Participation S1.1.4 Deserve, etc. S1.2 Personality traits S1.2.1 Approachability and Friendliness S1.2.2 Avarice S1.2.3 Egoism S1.2.4 Politeness S1.2.5 Toughness; strong/weak S1...

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