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xi Acknowledgments The Internet has become intrinsically linked with television viewing. I am grateful for the commercial streaming services currently available that have allowed the authors and me to revisit many of the featured series in this volume and to re-view and listen carefully to featured episodes. I am also grateful to fan-managed Internet websites for their full-episode transcripts , which can serve to complement the author-transcribed extracts of this volume. In particular, I would like to thank the following websites for promoting meaningful television viewing and for granting permission to use partial transcriptions:,, and ariane Each of the authors in this book deserves a special acknowledgment for their unwavering enthusiasm, collaborative spirit, patience, and lively correspondence during the many stages of publication. I am also very grateful to Philip Carr and Ben Ambridge for their sustained interest in and contributions to the volume. I am grateful to Södertörn University’s Publications Committee and English Department for supporting this volume in its final stages. I am also indebted to the anonymous reviewers, who greatly helped to improve the volume through insightful comments and targeted suggestions. Thank you, Kimb, for listening to my editing updates, frustrations, indignations, and victories. Thank you, Karl, King, Falko, and Tintin for tolerating years of high-volume, recursive television viewing while I sought out and transcribed examples. Finally, I have to accept that any attempt at an eloquent expression of gratitude will be inadequate at best when it comes to Deborah Manion. xii | Acknowledgments For your guidance, expertise, wisdom, patience, humor, ability to recognize absurdity, and steadfast championing of this volume, I thank you, Deb, so very, very much. ...


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