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SECTION THREE Production Withinurbanagriculture,adiscussionofproductionencompassesthosefactors that directly influence growing food in the city. In chapter 7, Silva and Pfeiffer examine the interactions of the biophysical, technical, and socioeconomic components of the farming system and explain how the urban agroecological system shapes and is shaped by the soil conditions, infrastructure resources, workforce, and business structure of urban farms. Production innovations can also include nontraditional growing locations, including planning for temporary use of land and taking advantage of unique aspects of the urban environment and the involvement of communities in producing food. In chapter 8, Companion documents the empowerment of urban-dwelling Native Americans through container gardening and emphasizes how food and herb production fosters cultural continuity and individual health by connecting gardeners to traditional cultural and religious practices. Remembering these potential connections and concomitant relationships is central to realizing the potential of urban food production and food systems. In chapter 9, Lawson, Drake, and Fitzgerald showcase a farmers market initiative in an area of New Brunswick, NJ with low food access and show 106 production that developing such markets requires a long-term commitment by both the community and institutional or governmental partners, as they may not be as financially viable as markets in more affluent areas. Leadership by members of food-insecure communities is more visible in urban agriculture today than historically, and we see more examples of shared leadership between those in positions of privilege seeking to make the food system more just and those from communities facing injustice in their food systems. However, the risk of paternalism and tensions among communities still exists, as chapter 10 illustrates, and this risk requires vigilance among activists and scholars alike. ...


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