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Acknowledgments This volume grew out of a series of six panels at the German Studies Association in 2010 to explore the topic of German-­ Jewish Transnationalism, “Jews and the Transnational Public Sphere,” organized by Lisa Silverman, Elizabeth Loentz, and Leslie Morris. We are indebted in particular to the insight of Elizabeth Loentz and to her early involvement in this project. This volume truly could not have happened without her critical insight into the topic. We are also grateful for the encouragement we received from Ellen Bauerle to pursue this project, and to the support of Kathleen Canning. LeAnn Fields has been a pleasure to work with. Her support and encouragement have made all the difference. We also want to thank Christopher Dreyer for his assistance in shepherding this volume to its final stage. We are indebted to our universities for their support of us, and in particular to the Samuel Rosenthal Professorship, the Department of History, the Program in Judaic Studies, and the Baker-­ Nord Center for the Humanities at Case Western Reserve University, and to the Department of German, Scandinavian, and Dutch; the Center for Jewish Studies; and the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Minnesota. This volume is the product of much cooperation and forbearance by our contributors, and we are grateful to them for all their hard work and patience. Finally, deep thanks to Shevvy Craig and Valerie Geller for their support, suggestions , and patience as Three-­Way Street became part of our—­ and consequently their—­lives. ...


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