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CRIME AND CAPITALISM CRIME AND CAPITALISM Readings in Marxist Criminology EXPANDED AND UPDATED EDITION Edited by DAVID F. GREENBERG TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS Philadelphia Temple University Press, Philadelphia 19122 Copyright © 1993 by Temple University. All rights reseIVed First edition published 1981 by Mayfield Publishing Co. Expanded and updated edition 1993 Printed in the United States ofAmerica @l The paper used in this publication meets the minimum requirements ofAmerican National Standard for Information Sciences-Permanence of Paper for Printed LibraI}' Materials, ANSI Z39.48-1984 LibraI}' of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Crime and capitalism: readings in Marxist criminology / edited by David F. Greenberg.-Expanded and updated ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 1-56639-025-7 (cloth: alk. paper).-ISBN 1-56639-026-5 (pbkJ 1. Crime--Economic aspects. 2. Criminology. 3. Marxian school of sociology. I. Greenberg, David F. HV6030.C7 1993 364.2'56--dc20 92-34763 To the memory of Petra Kelly, Gary Rader, and Fay Stender Our Trimmer adoreth the Goddess Truth, tho' in allAges she hath been scurvily used, as well as those that Worshipped her; 'tis oflate become such a ruining Virtue, that Mankind seemeth to be agreed to commend and avoid it;yet the want ofPractice which Repealeth the other Laws, hath no influence upon the Law ofTruth, because it hath root in Heaven, and an Intrinsick value in it self, that can never be impaired;she sheweth her Greatness in this, that her Enemies even when theyare successfUl are asham'd to own it; nothing but powerfUl Truth hath the prerogative ofTriumphing, not only after Victories, but in spite ofthem, and to put Conquest her selfout ofCountenance; she maybe kept under and supprest, but her Dignity still remaineth with her, even when she is in Chains; Falshood with all her Impudence hath not enough to speak ill ofher before her Face, such Majesty she carrieth about her, that her most prosperous Enemies arefain to whisper their Treason; all the Power on Earth can never elCtinguish her; she hath liv'd in allAges; and let the mistaken Zeal ofprevailingAuthoritychristen any opposition to it with what Name they please, she maketh it not onlyan uglyand unmannerly, but a dangerous thing to persist; she hath lived very retired indeed, naysometimes so buried, that onlysomefewofthe discerning part ofMankind could have a Glimpse ofher; with all that she hath Eternity in her, she knoweth not how to die, andfrom the darkest Clouds that shade and cover her, she breakethfrom time to time with Triumph for her Friends, and Terrour to herEnemies. GEORGE SAVILE The Character ofa Trimmer (1684/5) From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth, From the laziness that is content with half-truths, From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth, Oh, God ofTruth, deliver us. AUrHOR UNKNOWN ...


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