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“Finally, an authoritative book that brings to brilliant light and life Herman Dooyeweerd’s Christian philosophy of law, politics, and society. For the past half century, the profound and original teachings of this prolific Dutch sage have been lost on most readers. Jonathan Chaplin has rescued Dooyeweerd from his own obscure prose, poor translations, and cultic mystique to reveal his astonishing and engaging insights into our lives as persons and peoples, rulers and citizens, preachers and parishioners, parents and children. This will be the go-to book on Dooyeweerd for many years to come.” —John Witte, Jr., Emory University “The subtlety, scope, and insightfulness of Dooyeweerd’s social philosophy were unparalleled among Protestant thinkers in the past century. Yet his contributions are not well known. Jonathan Chaplin promises to remedy this neglect . His lucid and masterful study brings a new and transformative voice to contemporary debates about the future of a democratic society.” —Lambert Zuidervaart, Institute for Christian Studies and University of Toronto “This superb study simultaneously introduces and critically engages the work of one of the most important and neglected Christian thinkers of the twentieth century, while showing its connection to the pluralist tradition and bringing it to bear on the contemporary debate about civil society. More than just providing an overview of Dooyeweerd’s thought, it seeks to advance his intellectual project and show its contemporary relevance. It is essential reading not only for those interested in the neo-Calvinist tradition, but for anyone interested in Christian social thought, structural pluralism, or the nature and fate of civil society.” —Kenneth L. Grasso, Texas State University Jonathan Chaplin is director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, Cambridge, England. Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 • U N I V E R S I T Y O F N O T R E D A M E P R E S S Herman Dooyeweerd Christian Philosopher of State and Civil Society JONATHAN CHAPLIN ...


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