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Contents Acknowl­edgments ​xi Introduction His Plan for Them Was Clear ​1 chapter one A Nation Born in a Day ​18 chapter two Redemption and Exile ​45 chapter three Exodus and Jubilee ​65 chapter four A Jeremiad ​98 chapter five A ­Table Prepared by Our Enemies ​128 epilogue Some ­Great Plan ​157 Notes ​ 163 Bibliography ​ 189 Index 205 This page intentionally left blank Illustrations Com­pany E, 4th U.S. Colored Infantry, 1865 ​19 Bishop James Walker Hood, 1895 ​29 Trent River Settlement, 1866 ​70 “Get a Home in Arkansas,” 1904 ​87 Rev. Joseph C. Price, ­1895 ​99 Anti-­Prohibition Speech, 1905 ​121 Col. James H. Young, 1899 ​131 John C. Dancy, 1908 ​144 This page intentionally left blank ...


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