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xv NOTES ON THE TEXT spelling changes over time: cuna , kuna , guna In this book the spelling “Kuna” has been used, reflecting currency at the time of writing and recognition by scholarly readers and custodians of public and private mola collections. Quotations retain the original spelling used. In the recently adopted orthography, the letters c and k do not appear, thus the new spelling: “Guna” instead of “Kuna.” The word mola has not been italicized. Other Kuna words have been italicized on first use only. names of islands The names of some islands have changed, some more than once. The island name used by the source is retained. In addition, the spelling of some island names has changed. Where relevant to the text, this is noted. The archipelago retains the name San Blas archipelago. It is situated within the Kuna Yala comarca (independent territory). name of the comarca The San Blas comarca was renamed the Kuna Yala comarca in 1998 and in the future will be referred to as the Guna Yala comarca. References to research and events prior to 1998 refer to the San Blas comarca. This five-layered mola depicts mountains on the mainland of Panama viewed from a Kuna island. Private collection, EHC 3758. ...


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