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BIBLIOGRAPHY Works Cited Other than on the Rhetoric of Economics This first of three lists gives some of the works cited in the text, not a bibliography of anyone subject or a list of works consulted. There are two other lists. I think the inconvenience of splitting the citations between three lists-this one, then a Bibliography on the Rhetoric of Economics Except for Reviews, and then Reviews of The Rhetoric of Economics-is outweighed by advantages: with the other two lists the reader can see ostensibly what a "rhetoric of economics" might be, and can judge the (small) impact of the first edition. Akerlof, George A., and W. T. Dickens. 1982. "The Economic Consequences of Cognitive Dissonance." American Economic Review 72 (June): 307-19. A1chian, Armen. 1950. "Uncertainty, Evolution, and Economic Theory." Journal ofPolitical Economy 58 (June): 211-2l. Aristotle. Rhetoric. Trans. George A. Kennedy. New York: Oxford University Press, 1991. Arrow, Kenneth. 1959. 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"Mathematical Versus Scientific Significance." Psychological Bulletin 16 (October): 335-38. Boulding, Kenneth...


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