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34 1919 Texans Vote on a State Constitutional Amendment The campaign for the federal amendment was temporarily sidetracked when the legislature and Governor Hobby resolved to amend the state constitution to enfranchise women. The proposed amendment had two provisions : one would allow women to vote; one would disenfranchise resident aliens. Ironically, since this was a special, not a primary, election women could not vote; aliens, who stood to lose the ballot if the measure passed, were free to go to the polls on May 24,1919. The Texas Equal Suffrage Association waged an intensive campaign for the amendment, but it failed by 25,120 votes: 141,773 in favor and 166,893 opposed. The suffragists were temporarily disheartened by this defeat, but soon returned to their major objective, the passage of the federal amendment. DOCUMENT* OUTLINE OF CAMPAIGN FOR CARRYING THE SUFFRAGE AMENDMENT AT THE SPECIAL ELECTION ON MAY 24, 1919 IMPORTANT—Read every word. Discuss freely with your workers. But do not publish in the papers. Organization: The organization for the campaign shall follow and complete the plan of organization now in effect and provided for in the Constitution of the Texas Equal Suffrage Association, namely, the Senatorial District plan. The State shall be divided according to this plan and a chairman placed in charge of each unit as follows: Senatorial District Chairman; County Chairman; Commissioner's Precinct Chairman; Election Precinct Chairman. Each unit shall have a Campaign Committee of men and women which shall as far as possible represent and bring into the work ev- *From: "Outline of Campaign for Carrying the Suffrage Amendment at the Special Election on May 24, 1919/' Jane Y. McCallum Family Papers, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library. 183 184 CITIZENS AT LAST m OUTLINE OF CAMPAIGN Jor Carrying the Suffrage Amendment at the Special Election on May 24, 1919 Issued by the Texas Equal Suirage Association Izzzz (Courtesy Jane Y. McCallum Family Papers, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.) DOCUMENTS 185 ery faction or class or interest which may properly be interested in the work. Each Campaign Committee shall be charged with the duty and responsibility of carrying the Suffrage Amendment in that particular unit by as large a majority as possible. For example, the Campaign Committee of a city block might well be composed of the Chairman and the residents on the four corners. This Committee will canvass, circularize and generally educate that block until on election day the Committee will know to a man who is going to vote for Suffrage, and will arrange to call the night before to remind the favorable ones to go to the polls, and again at noon on election day, to ask if they have been. Each unit shall wherever possible establish Campaign Headquarters and arrange to have some one always in charge for the purpose of giving out literature, receiving contributions, enrolling workers, etc. Each Campaign Committee shall have a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer. (In the case of the smaller units, these two offices may be combined.) The State is to be handled through the Senatorial District Chairmen as far as possible, but because of the facilities in Headquarters for doing the work, (duplicator, Headquarters Committee for addressing envelopes, and general help) and in order to save time, all general plans shall be sent directly from State Headquarters to the District Chairmen and also to the County Chairmen. But the District Chairmen will be expected to do the follow-up work on the plans and communicate directly with the County Chairmen concerning their execution. The following Committees shall be organized to assist the Texas Equal Suffrage Association in its work of carrying the State for Suffrage at the polls on May 24th: A Campaign Committee; An Advisory Committee; A Committee on Press and Publicity; A Speakers' Bureau; A Finance Committee. The duties of these Committees shall be such as their names imply and are outlined at length later. The Campaign Committee: It shall be the duty of the Campaign Committee to consider the progress of the campaign and to adopt such plans from time to time as shall be deemed advisable in order to insure success. It shall pass on campaign bills and authorize the expenditure of the campaign fund. 186 CITIZENS AT LAST The Campaign Committee shall be composed of the Chairman and one other member from each of the other Committees, together with the President of the Texas Equal Suffrage Association and two of the elected officers of that...


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