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22 1915 Minnie Fisher Cunningham One of the most important events for the movement in Texas was the election of Minnie Fisher Cunningham of New Waverly and Galveston as president of the Texas Woman Suffrage Association. Cunningham had served as president of the Galveston league and had traveled for Finnegan as a speaker and organizer. When the fifth convention of the Association met at the Hotel Galvez in Galveston and elected "Minnie Fish/' as she was known, to the presidency, it acquired an exceptional leader. Cunningham was a superb organizer who was to lead the struggle in Texas and in the South to its successful conclusion. DOCUMENT* PROGRAM OF THE FIFTH CONVENTION OF THE TEXAS WOMAN SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION GALVESTON HEADQUARTERS: HOTEL GALVEZ May 12th, 10 A.M. Convention called to order by the President. Prayer Rev. FatherJ. M. Kirwin Welcome from the City of Galveston Mayor Lewis Fisher Welcome from the Galveston Equal Suffrage League Mrs. B. J. Cunningham Response in behalf of the Texas Woman Suffrage Association Mrs. D. E. Leary Greetings from the Woman's Peace Party Mrs. Bettie White Greetings from the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Mrs. Gentry Waldo Greetings from Texas Press Women Mrs. William Christian Greetings from Texas Federation of Labor Miss Eva Goldsmith *From: "Program of the Fifth Convention of the Texas Woman Suffrage Association, May 12,13,14," Jane Y. McCallum Family Papers, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library. 133 134 CITIZENS AT LAST Greetings from Texas W.C.T.U Mrs. Nannie Webb Curtis Greetings from Texas Farm Women Mrs. Benigna G. Kalb Appointment of Committees. 1. Report of the President. 2. Report of Auditors. 3. Report of Treasurer. 4. Report of Legislative Committee. Mrs. William L. Dunne. 2P.M. REPORTS FROM AUXILIARY ORGANIZATIONS— 1. Austin Equal Suffrage Organization Mrs. J. O. Creighton 2. Beaumont Equal Suffrage League Mrs. Underwood Nazro 3. Bryan Equal Suffrage Association Mrs. W. W. Sims 4. Corsicana Equal Suffrage Association Miss Adelina A. Stewart 5. Dallas Equal Suffrage Association Mrs. Tex A. Armstrong 6. Dickinson Equal Suffrage League Mrs. H. A. Deats 7. El Paso Equal Suffrage Association Mrs. A. C. DeGroff 8. Fort Worth Equal Suffrage Association Mrs. Stanley Boykin 9. Galveston Equal Suffrage League Mrs. B. J. Cunningham 10. Houston Women's Political Union Mrs. Hettie D. M. Wallis 11. Lampasas Equal Suffrage Association Mrs. S. J. Smith 12. Nacogdoches Equal Suffrage League Mrs. F. C. Ford 13. Port Arthur Equal Suffrage League Mrs. J. C. Reynolds 14. Palestine Equal Suffrage League Miss Kate Hunter 15. San Antonio Equal Suffrage League Mrs. D. E. Leary 16. San Marcos Equal Suffrage League Miss Annie Polk 17. Smith County Equal Suffrage League Mrs. O. McFarland 18. Temple Equal Suffrage League Mrs. J. R. Poindexter 19. Terrell Equal Suffrage Association Mrs. A. B. Griffith 20. Texas City Equal Suffrage League Mrs. H. B. Moore 21. Waco Equal Suffrage League Mrs. Edward Rotan Reports of County Committees. 5:00 to 6:00 P.M.—Automobile drive. DOCUMENTS 135 8P.M. At the Galveston Opera House. Miss Annette Finnigan, Chairman. Suffrage and the Farm Woman Mrs. Benigna G. Kalb Our Predecessors Miss Lora B. Peck Woman Suffrage in Texas Hon. Frank H. Burmeister May 13th, 10 A.M. Prayer Rev. O. E. Goddard Work Conference. Discussion on— 1. How to Organize Leader, Mrs. B. J. Cunningham 2. How to Get Up a Meeting Leader, Mrs. W. H. Fain 3. Increase of Membership Mrs. M. P. Ostrow 4. Local Press Work Mrs. Elizabeth H. Potter 5. What Is a Successful Suffrage Club, and How to Achieve It Miss Marin B. Fenwick The Organization of a Suffrage School Mrs. Robert L. Sanford, St. Louis 2:00 P.M. Discussion on Plan of Work. Outlined by the President— 1. Organization of the State. 2. Political Plans. 3. Publicity Work. Discussion of Ways and Means Mrs. Mary Fowler Bornefeld, Chairman Finance Committee The Southern States Woman Suffrage Conference Miss Kate M. Gordon, New Orleans, La. 4:00 P.M.—Sail on Galveston Bay. 8:00 P.M. At the Galveston Opera House. Miss Annette Finnigan, Chairman. Senator Helen Ring Robinson Denver, Colorado Miss Kate M. Gordon New Orleans, Louisiana May 14th, 10 A.M. Election of Officers. Unfinished business. 8:00 P.M. 8:00 to 11:00—Garden Party at the Brazos Court, Houston Miss Finnigan, Hostess. At 9:00 o'clock there will be a presentation of the play, "How the Vote Was Won." All delegates are invited ...


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