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20 1913 Eleanor Brackenridge Revives The Texas Woman Suffrage Association By 1912 the Austin Woman Suffrage Association had been joined by a league in San Antonio, presided over by businesswoman and club leader Eleanor Brackenridge. Associations began to form in other cities, including Galveston, Dallas, Houston, Temple and Del Rio. In 1913, at Eleanor Brackenridge's instigation, San Antonio hosted the first state convention of the Texas Woman Suffrage Association held since 1904. The Association would hold annual conventions until full suffrage was achieved in 1920. Brackenridge was elected president of the Association at its 1913 meeting, and she immediately began helping member associations with their organizing activities. DOCUMENT* LETTER To MRS. CONE JOHNSON, PRESIDENT SMITH CO. EQUAL SUFFRAGE SOCIETY, TYLER, TEXAS My Dear Friend: I am writing my first letter as state President of the Texas Woman's Suffrage Association and I earnestly entreat you and the members of your Organization to bear with me in my infirmities and uphold me in all my efforts to advance the cause for which we all are working. Our Organizations must keep in touch, not only with their state officers, but with each other. Our interests are identical and each organization is free to experiment as to the best method to add to its numbers, to interest its membership and so mold public sentiment as to attain our common object "Votes for Women." That the different methods or experiments, some successful others not, but all of interest , should become community property. For instance, the San Antonio Equal Franchise Society has tried two methods with famous speakers. Dr. Shaw's lecture given centrally and without price was a great overflow meeting, trailing out into the street for want of stand- *From: Eleanor Brackenridge to Mrs. Cone Johnson April 1913, H. Elbert Lasseter Papers, Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas at Austin. 127 128 CITIZENS AT LAST Eleanor Brackenridge of San Antonio reorganized the Texas Woman's Suffrage Association in 1913. A pioneer for women's rights, Brackenridge served as a bank director, as a regent for the College of Industrial Arts (now Texas Woman's University), and as a leader in the woman's club movement in Texas. (The Texas Federation of Women's Clubs endorsed woman suffrage in 1915). (Courtesy University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio.) DOCUMENTS 129 ing room. Mrs. Philip Snowden's lecture given in rather an out of the way place, with a small entrance fee—result, the hall not filled. Therefore, to promote the cause and do most effective work we would be glad if you would send to us all items of interest concerning your organization, your methods of work and the results attained. From these reports a circular letter can be compiled for the benefit of all the Societies. An Editorial in the Dallas News of April the 3rd, answered in the same paper by Mrs. Walker April 8th, indicates that a Suffrage Clipping Bureau should be established. If each of our Organizations for the present would clip all Suffrage Articles and send to San Antonio, your Corresponding Secretary and President would be kept more perfectly in touch with the state feeling and a condensed report might be circulated. However, a Clipping Bureau should be established if there is not one already in the state to which we could subscribe. Headquarters. The resolutions passed at the state Convention to the effect that headquarters should be established in San Antonio meets the approval of all and an effort is now being made to find a suitable central place. The resolution that we employ a Suffrage field Secretary has been considered by the state board and in view of the fact that there is at present only two hundred and eighteen dollars in the Treasury, necessitates a Committee on Finance. I should be pleased to receive suggestions. Finance. At present, probably, it would be best to have each President select her own Committee from her membership, the Chairman of which should perhaps be a state Director, which would emphasize the importance and dignify the Committee. Legislative Committee. Each Organization should have a Legislative Committee, the chairman of which might also be on the state board, and you are requested to send a list of names desirable for this Committee that, a selection may be made. These two Committees are of so much importance in the state Suffrage work, that we should dignify the Chairman of each Organization 's Committee in this manner. 130 CITIZENS...


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