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12 1894 Texas Suffragists Propose an Organizational Plan The "Texas Plan of Work" was proposed at a convention of the Texas Equal Rights Association which met in Fort Worth in 1894. Members outlined sophisticated organizing techniques. DOCUMENT* TEXAS PLAN OF WORK Fort Worth, Tex., Aug. 4, 1894 1. A state central committee of three, two of whom shall reside in the same city, shall be elected by this association, entitled "The Central Committee for Practical Politics." 2. Said central committee shall appoint a committee of one or more to go before every state convention that assembles during this campaign to demand an equal suffrage plan in their platforms. 3. Said committee shall appoint a committeeman in each of the congressional districts, except the one where the central committee is located , making fifteen members altogether, to be called "The State Suffrage Executive committee." 4. The committeeman in each congressional district shall appoint a county Chairman . . . who shall associate with him or herself two others, and the three shall be called "The County Suffrage Committee " for that county, and shall be empowered to do what they deem best to secure the suffrage vote. 5. Said county committee shall see that the suffragists of said county have a candidate for the legislature to vote for. If the nominee of the dominant party refuses to pledge himself in writing to vote for equal suffrage in the legislature then the county committee shall secure an independent candidate who is an equal suffragist and take steps to combine all independent votes, and all voters who belong to the minority parties on said independent candidate and elect him if possible. *From: 'Texas Plan of Work/' [Dallas Morning News] 4 August 1894, Texas Equal Rights Association Scrapbook, Jane Y. McCallum Family Papers, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library. 99 100 CITIZENS AT LAST 6. If said county committee does not understand its duties and fails to make the necessary combinations the county chairman shall report the fact to the committeeman of the congressional district or the state central committee, who shall send a speaker to said county to enlist one or more speakers on suffrage and to make the necessary combinations to secure an equal suffrage candidate for the legislature. 7. This organization shall be purely nonpartisan and shall be called "The State and County Suffrage Executive Committee for Practical Politics." 8. Its object is to secure a legislature which will pass an equal suffrage law and elect a United States senator to succeed Senator Coke. ...


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