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Ellen C. Temple Classics in the Women in Texas History Series Sponsored by the Ruthe Winegarten Memorial Foundation Nancy Baker Jones and Cynthia J. Beeman, Series Editors Texas A&M University Press College Station Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Citizens at last: the woman suffrage movement in Texas / edited by Ruthe Winegarten and Judith N. McArthur; foreword by Anne Firor Scott; foreword to the Texas A&M University Press edition by Nancy Baker Jones and Cynthia Beman; introduction and essay by A. Elizabeth Taylor. — Texas A&M University Press edition. pages cm — (Ellen C. Temple classics in the Women in Texas history series) Originally published: Austin, Tex.: Ellen C. Temple, 1987. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978-1-62349-365-3 (pbk.: alk. paper) — ISBN 978-1-62349-368-4 (ebook) 1. Women—Suffrage—Texas—History. 2. Women—Suffrage—Texas—History—Sources. I. Winegarten, Ruthe, editor. II. McArthur, Judith N., editor. III. Scott, Anne Firor, 1921– writer of foreword. IV. Jones, Nancy Baker, writer of foreword. V. Taylor, A. Elizabeth (Antoinette Elizabeth), 1917– writer of introduction, writer of supplementary textual content. VI. Series: Women in Texas history series. Ellen C. Temple classics. JK1911.T3C58 2015 324.6'2309764—dc23 2015025062 Copyright @ 1987 by Ellen C. Temple, Publisher Introduction copyright © 1987 by A. Elizabeth Taylor Texas A&M University Press edition, copyright © 2015 Printed in the U. S. A. Publishers Note: The documents remain as close to the original as possible except where obvious typographical errors have been corrected. Cover: The photograph is from the The Campus Camera, (Baylor University), 31 April 1915, vol. 1, 3. Courtesy of the Texas Collection, Baylor University, Waco. “With what high hopes and enthusiasms women stepped forth into a world in which they were citizens at last!” Jane Y. McCallum ...


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