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ix ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This book began as a series of conversations during the annual meeting of the American Folklore Society in 2012; expanded into extended deliberations via email and social media throughout spring 2013; and by summer of that year, culminated in a call for papers that brought this volume’s slate of contributors together. It has been a humbling and gratifying experience to work with such a distinguished and dedicated group of scholars, and we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the individuals whose care and support made our collective efforts such an enjoyable, stimulating, and deeply fulfilling enterprise. First and foremost,we would like to thank our families for their love and understanding as we navigated the perpetual rush of writing, editing, and occasional disregard for the human need to sleep. To our spouses, Angelina Blank and Craig Brown, in the most Ferris Bueller-esque way possible: you’re our [respective] heroes.We are also incredibly grateful to Craig Gill and the wonderful staff at the University Press of Mississippi for their thoughtful service and unwavering enthusiasm for this book project since its inception. The annual meetings of the American Folklore Society have consistently provided an energizing, collaborative forum in which new ideas and folkloristic discourse can emerge; the research presented herein is a testament to that fact, and we are indebted to the society and its membership for supporting our efforts to test and refine the arguments that ultimately came to populate this volume. We have been fortunate to know and work with many special people whom we are proud to count as friends.We would like to express our appreciation to Ian Brodie, Simon J. Bronner, Anthony Buccitelli, Charley Camp, Jim Donahue,Bill Ellis,Tim Evans,Spencer Green,Bethany Haeseler,Nicholas Hartmann,Stephanie Hedge,Elissa Henken,Robert Glenn Howard,Jeana Jorgensen,Merrill Kaplan,Jim Kirkland,Linda Lee,Sabina Magliocco,Derek Maus, Jodi McDavid, Charlie McNabb, Lynne S. McNeill, Jay Mechling, Acknowledgments x Montana Miller, Linda Moerschell, Bonnie O’Connor, John E. Price, Leonard Primiano, David J. Puglia, Jared S. Rife, Jennifer Spitulnik, Steve Stanzak , Tok Thompson, Jeff Tolbert, Elizabeth Tucker, John Paul Wallis, and John Youngblood. Last, but certainly not least, we wish to express our gratitude to Erika Brady, to whom this book is dedicated. Erika has been a friend, teacher, and mentor to both of us, and her work in folklore and medicine has inspired and informed much of this volume.It is our honor to dedicate Diagnosing Folklore to her. DIAGNOSING FOLKLORE This page intentionally left blank ...


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